60 Seconds

“I’m going down to our room. I expect you to be down there in 60 seconds.”

We were with our friends at their beach house. All of the bedrooms were downstairs with an open layout on the main level. Leaving was going to be tricky – and would not go unnoticed.

“They are going to be suspicious if I disappear too.”

“60 seconds.”

I watched him wander down the steps and tried to formulate a plan. If we both disappeared, I knew they would wonder if something was wrong. But I was almost too afraid to find out what would happen if I did not follow as I was instructed. While he may not appear that way, he can be pretty clever in exacting his punishment.

I headed down the steps after him figuring, if asked, I would make something up about his disappearance. But no one openly noticed I was gone…thankfully.

I opened the bedroom door and found him waiting for me: pants open, cock out, and semi-erect. He did not need to issue any commands. I knew what he wanted of me, so I closed the door and dropped to my knees in front of him. Without a word, I wrapped my hand around his cock and place it’s head in my mouth – all the while, I looked up at him.

I did not break eye contact as I liked and sucked him to a full erection. Then I started taking him deeper as I know he enjoys. I felt his hand on the back of my head encouraging me to take his whole cock deep in my throat which i did. This continued until he pulled me to my feet and kissed me long and hard.

Unexpectedly, he turned me around and bent me over the edge of the bed. His hand snaked around my waist undoing my pants which he slid off my hips with ease. With a single motion, he drove his cock into me. My face was pressed into the comforter effectively muffling my moans. He fucked me hard – driving me into the bed. Then just as quickly as this all started, he pulled out.

“We’ll finish this later” were his words as he tucked himself away and left the room.

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  1. Secretia says:

    I would not have wanted him to pull out.

  2. Damn hurry and finish. You got me started.

  3. Joker_SATX says:

    OK…that’s a Tease!

  4. Ms Scarlett says:

    Evil, evil man…..

  5. southerngirl says:

    Ohh I’d be pissed off!!!!

  6. Well, that’s pretty effective punishment right there!

  7. frances says:

    yes please. may i have some more please?

  8. That totally sucks that he didn’t finish right then and there.

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