This Week’s Agenda

This week is going to be a bit crazy in terms of everything we have scheduled. 

It starts out Monday morning with taking Indigo to the doctor to discuss her hearing. Garbanzo got her hearing tested a few weeks ago just to see how bad it was.  Was it us worrying about it too much – or was it seriously a problem?  True to form, Indigo screwed around while taking the test.  Despite that, Garbanzo’s cohort said we have to take her in. She saw enough to know it was a problem.  Given she isn’t sick, it has taken us a bit longer to get into the doctor.  We shall see what happens.  Will she got straight to a specialist? I guess I’ll find out Monday.

Tuesday, we go out to see the couple that we play with.  They are good friends who will, as a result, never be talked about much on the blog. (Not that TL and others are not good friend, but the relationships there are a bit different mainly because they knew about the blog pretty much right out of the gate. These guys know nothing about the blog.)  Their work schedules are crazy, so it can be hard to get together with them at times.  It’s been a couple months since we’ve seen them.  We are going to get together for drinks and chocolate at a local chocolate bar.  While we are all sad we cannot have any ‘fun time’, we are happy we get to spend a few hours together.  They are fun in and out of bed.

Wednesday is the usual taekwondo craziness. Thankfully it isn’t as crazy as it was when both DJ and Indigo were doing it.  DJ is totally nailing the brown belt requirements even though she’s only been one for 6 weeks.  We have noticed she gets the complex stuff quicker and quicker the high in rank she goes.  The assistant instructor from Romania commented it was because she has great focus – she wants to progress – she enjoys what she is doing.  What she’s really happy about right now is the fact she got her numchucks – the numchucks I have taken away from her as I continually catch her swinging them around while near people.  Her comment is they are padded so they won’t hurt THAT bad if someone gets hit.  She doesn’t seem to understand that a broken nose is a broken nose regardless of padding.

Thursday is the only day we don’t have anything happening.  Oh, wait, I take that back – it will likely be the evening we get together with Garbanzo’s parents.  They will be back in the country.  It should be interesting to see how it goes.  The last time I saw my MIL and FIL, they were fighting with each other.  My FIL is a pain in the ass when he’s not happy.  I know – most people are – but he goes out of his way to be a dick.  He and I have been known to go rounds (as Garbanzo sits there smirking  – I am the only one who can put his dad in his place successfully.)  He is the guy who has taught me that free is never free.  Take something that you think was given as a gift, and you will usually find there are some strings attached whether that be a favor or the fact you get to hear their views on life regardless of whether or not you agree to them.  Why? You accepted the gift and the gift had a price.  And, they wonder why we accept nothing from them to this day?  But, I will say that if they want to say have the girls for a weekend – we will gladly sit there and smile and nod as they tell us how poorly we are running our lives. It’s the price – and one we’ll pay. 

Friday will be crazy because it is the last day of school before winter break.  Garbanzo has a field trip with his class which can only spell chaos.  I mean, what can go wrong taking 65 middle school students on a service project at another school?  Actually it should be interesting to see what these kids who are fairly isolated from other schools thinks of going to visit a poor inner city school in our neck of the woods.  Hopefully it will be eye opening to them.  I know that is what Garbanzo and his principal are hoping for.  Both worked at schools like this one and believe these kids need to get a healthy appreciation for what they have given their privilege.  Friday night will be data night for Garbanzo and me. No friends can play, so we’ll have to entertain ourselves. I’m sure we will do just fine figuring that out.  The kids are doing an overnight at the taekwondo school.  We actually laughed at one of the other moms last Friday at their school’s holiday pot luck.  She was concerned about the safety of her son at the overnight.  I mean, what if someone tried to get into the school??  We pointed out that the teenage and adult black belts do this as a service project – and they all attend.  I doubt anyone will get far with 20 black belts ranging from age 15 through 40 keeping watch.  The mom is letting her kid stay after we pointed all of this out. 

So that is what is on the agenda for the week.  And in between all of that, I actually have a shitload of contract work to do including an on-site meeting on Friday about my favorite topic Microsoft licensing. I guess I should be flattered that my old boss considers me the expert and wants me there to advise her. But it does mean I actually have to get up and get dressed Friday morning. I like this working from home gig.

Hope everyone’s Monday gets off to a good start!

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  1. Sa says:

    Well, you have your week cut out for you:)

    I admire your daughter’s taekwondo dedication. I used to do judo and hated it, was so scared of being injured as one of the only girls and dreaded each week.

  2. Vixen says:

    Your week exhausted ME! I’m glad you get some fun in there though 🙂

  3. Ms Scarlett says:

    I’m tired just reading that!!

    Have a great week!

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