The Best Kind of Stress Relief

I felt like I was rushing to meet you.  You were at your house waiting for me – but the icy mountain pass kept me from reaching you as soon as we had planned to meet.  I hate feeling late.  I hated even more the fact I didn’t have cell service to let you know what was going on.  Nothing adds to my stress level than that.

When I arrived, you didn’t hear me at the door until I sent a text that I was there.  You met me nude  – I had just caught you coming out of the shower.  I would later learn that you were feeling just as rushed. An appointment earlier in the day had been moved to right before we were supposed to meet. You hadn’t been home long before I arrived, and you had been rushing to straighten up the house to prepare for our night together.

Our plan of an early dinner was thwarted by all of the running late and rushing around between us.  We opted instead for an early start to our evening.  You wrapped your arms around me pulling my body tight against yours – kissing me passionately – hands in my hair, then on my back.  I was barely three steps inside your front door.

I felt your cock rise between us and could not resist wrapping my hand around it – stroking it to full attention.  And as I did that, I felt your moan – almost growl-like – in my mouth as our kiss deepened with tongues and teeth. 

Your lips left mine and moved to my ear – “You’d better get one of those condoms you brought, ” was your suggestion.  So I grabbed one from my bag – the bag that was literally still at my feet – then quickly sheathed your cock.

You pulled me back up and into another kiss.   I felt one hand find the button on my jeans.  You made quick work of getting them pushed down off of my hips.  I felt your thumbs hook the sides of my black thong and slide it off of my hips.  All the while your mouth was moving between my lips, my neck and my ear.  Then you turned me around bending me over the back of your couch and entered my pussy with one thrust –  my jeans still around my knees.

I moaned loudly as you started to move inside me. Your hand found a nipple under my shirt and bra.  I was on my tiptoes trying to keep the angle that felt best while maintaining my balance as you fucked me with an urgency that matched our afternoon.

“Let’s move over here,” you commanded – and we moved to the chaises part of the couch where I could be bent over the cushion with my knees on the floor.  We immediately found our rhythm again.  You driving your cock fast and deep into me while I pushed myself back to meet each stroke.  Your hand was in my hair pulling me more upright.  Moans leaving both of our lips.  Again, our fucking was almost frantic. Like this was not the beginning, but the end.

But, it still wasn’t right – so you moved us onto the floor next to the couch where you could fuck me harder and deeper – my legs on your shoulders.   This was where we continued until we both collapsed.

Even though we had all night together – all night for us to take our time and explore and push ourselves to discover new things about each other – our first fuck was just as rushed as our entire days had been.  And yet, it was exactly what we both needed.  That fast fuck to take the edge off – to get that rushed, stressed feeling out of our system so we could slow down and start enjoying ourselves.  That fuck was the perfect appetizer for our time together. 

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  1. frances says:

    mmm…i love a good frantic first fuck to start the time together. often daniel and i have that rushed feeling and things start out that way. it really kinda does take the edge off. 🙂 thanks for giving me such good thoughts to start my day!

  2. Osbasso says:

    I was rushed during most of Christmas, but the only appetizer I got was a veggie tray with ranch dip…

  3. I love getting a quick one in before settling down to an afternoon of slow continuous sex.

  4. I love that rush of getting naked and just being taken with every ounce of energy you have. YUM

    What a great way to begin.

  5. Just me... says:

    Loved the story!! Sadly, like Os, the only decent appetizer I’ve had is vegetable!! :):)

  6. Cheeks says:

    Oh my… I had these really yummy meatballs as an appetizer on Christmas Even, but that’s got nothin’ on this. Very sexy. =)

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