Rising above the Background

(Last part of the three-part series. Part 1 and Part 2 for those who want to read the whole encounter from start to finish.)

He didn’t cum in my hair.

Like I said, TL was not done with me yet.  Instead of finishing what he started, he decided to change tactics.

He blindfolded me. And placed something in my hand, “Here,” he said as he turned on the mini vibe, “it’s time for you to cum.”

I placed it on my clit and started touching it lightly. I knew I was pretty close, but wanted to stave off my orgasm for a bit.  I was too curious as to what he had planned.  Without being able to see or hear him, the blindfold and the music were doing their jobs of masking him in the room.  A smack to my ass told me where he was for at least a second. “Couldn’t let you forget I was here.” How could I truly forget?  His hand firmly rubbed the spot where his hand had connected.  The firmness of his touch just added to my arousal. A couple comments made me realize he had the camera again.  Then his hands left my body – and he drifted into the background.

I felt his cock at my lips. I parted them expecting him to slide his cock deep into the my mouth.  Instead he slipped just the head inside with the instruction to stay just like that.  I obeyed, but couldn’t resist running my tongue around the underside of his cock.  More pictures were taken, then his cock was gone as he drifted into the background again.

Then he was behind me.  As I worked the vibrator over my clit, I felt his large hand on my ass – grabbing it, squeezing it, and pulling my ass apart.  I felt him come up behind me  – and I expected to feel him enter me.  Instead, I felt his cock against my ass.  I felt the silkiness of his cock drag along my ass, then he used it to slap against each cheek repeatedly.  I felt his hands back in my hair.  Then, his hands and cock seemed to leave my body again.

The next feeling I have is TL sliding his cock into me.  The intensity of having him fuck me while my clit was being stimulated by the vibe was amazing.  Being blindfolded. Feeling him in my pussy, hand in my hair with the other on my body – hearing him through the background noise.  All of the sensations got me right up to that edge of the precipice, but the intensity of the pleasures was too much to push me over that edge and into an orgasm.  So, I walked along the precipice enjoying it all.  My voice rising higher. My need to be fucked ever increasing.  To feel him slam into my body – his cock driving hard into me – to feel and hear the slapping of skin.

But, then he pulled back.  His hands and cock left me.  What did he have planned?
“You didn’t think you were going to get out of here without me fucking your ass, did you?”

But not yet.

Soon after we had our first foursome together, TL shared how much he wanted to spend some time alone with me.  His fantasy was to blindfold me while I lay in the center of a bed.  My instructions would be simple: make myself cum.  I asked what he would be doing during this time. Did he want to sit back and watch? No, he wanted to play with me while I did it – but he wanted to surprise me with where he would be next.  One minute, he would suck and squeeze my nipples. I might feel his breath on my pussy. I might feel a hand spreading me wider. I might hear dirty words being whispered in my ear.  The possibilities were endless until I came for him.  No sex – just teasing.

I realized quickly that this was the scene he was recreating – the fantasy he painted for me one night.  He moved me like his fuck doll to the corner of his couch where I was propped up slightly with the cushions.  TL told me that I would need to cum if I wanted to be fucked again.

I ran that vibrator over my clit and began to find a rhythm.  It wasn’t long before I started feeling TL around me. Hand on a nipple squeezing it.  Another vibe slipping into my pussy.  His mouth clamping onto my labia with his teeth tugging it open.  Hands spreading my pussy wide making it harder to keep the vibrator on my clit – tormenting me while I tried to desperately cum.  Then everything would stop – and I would lose track of him again as he would fade into the background. 

I felt him behind me, his breath in my ear; his voice demanding that I cum for him now.  And cum I did – back arched  – head thrown back – sinking deep into the cushions – my voice rising well above the music in the background. 

As I was just coming down from my orgasm induced high, I felt him between my legs which were still spread wide, open for him.  His fingers began spreading the cool lube on my ass as he prepared it for what he wanted next. I heard a condom wrapper, and was not surprised as I felt his cock began pushing into my ass, stretching me wide until he was deep inside.  Every time he enters my ass, I have the same intense pleasure as he stretches me to my limit. “Give me a second,” I begged as I adjusted to the thick intrusion.  “You’re lucky I’m in a good mood,” was his simple reply.  He slowly started moving – giving me the time I need.  After a few strokes, I began encouraging him to fuck me harder and faster.  My body demanded a pounding after that orgasm I had, and I was willing to beg him to give it to me if he insisted.

But he wasn’t ready to give me what I wanted.  He allowed me to remove the blindfold so that I could see him taking pictures – pictures of his cock buried deep inside my ass.   He positioned my legs so they were together and apart – tormenting me  as I really wanted him to move. Once he was done, fuck me he did.  Hard, deep – fast, slow. My legs were spread and on his shoulders so he could lift my ass to his cock as he thrust – then he bent me in half to fuck me hard until we both collapsed.

We laid there together stretched out on the couch – lamenting the fact that our time was nearly up. As we talked and relaxed, my hand couldn’t help but wrap itself around his cock and start stroking it lazily.  Neither one of us was ready to admit our time together was ending. Once his cock was hard again, I climbed astride him and rode him one last time.  His hands squeezed and tugged my nipples as we enjoyed this parting act.

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  1. Sounds very very hot and fun 🙂

    I love reading your encounters…very well written!

  2. Ms Scarlett says:

    Wow… wow wow wow. That sounds just amazing.

  3. Just me... says:

    What an incredibly arousing evening!!!
    Loved reading about it!!

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