HNT: Favorite of 2009

This week’s theme to end the year is to post what is my favorite HNT from the year and why.  I went back and forth about mine – to be honest.  But, with some help, chose this one:

click the pic, please.

Why is it my favorite?  From a photography perspective, the contrasts between the blue, my skin, and the gloves are great.  And the lighting is just perfect. These pics outside of cropping were straight out of the camera. I did nothing else to them which is rare for me.

When I solicited help from a friend who knows me outside of blogsvere, his comment was “It just captures your uniqueness. I can’t see ANYONE else pulling that off….” 

And, I think that’s it.  This is one of most real pictures of Emmy I’ve put out there.  Others are close – but this one is just me – not just physically but my personality.  It’s funny how when you get an idea for a picture – and your personality comes through in a surprising way. That doesn’t always happen.

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  1. Love it! Your hair is gorgeous. And I love the blue behind you contrasting with your skin 🙂

    Happy New Year!


  2. “My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard…” That is what this photo is telling me! Happy new year! xoxox

  3. Osbasso says:

    Oh, yes! It’s all in the gloves!


  4. 13messages says:

    Perfectly described. This is probably my fave of yours as well.

  5. Love the pic and the click thru of course. Hope you have a wonderful New Year. Hugs. ThePinkPoppet.

  6. They really are gorgeous photos. HHNT and Happy New Year

  7. Dana says:

    No, it doesn’t always happen, but you’re right – when it does it is a stunning picture … and this is a stunning picture!

    Happy New Year Emmy!

  8. I have to agree, its an awesome photo. It captures so much more than a close up would. Great job.

  9. Hubman says:

    Great choice Emmy, I like this one a lot!

    Happy New Year and Happy HNT!

  10. Sexy Sixty says:

    Great choice for the year end HNT. Hope you have a fantastic 2010!!

  11. Excellent choice. I LOVE this one. 🙂
    Have a great New Year!

  12. nitebyrd says:

    Both of them (the pictures, I mean! 😉 are just great.

    Happy New Year to you and yours!

  13. I agree with your words and think this was one of your best HNT’s!

    Great choice

  14. Vixen says:

    Yeah. I loved this one too. A LOT. And still having hair envy 😉

    Good choice! xo

  15. John and Ann says:

    It is certainly a wonderful photo–so much personality comes through without even showing your face!

  16. Such a fun photo. 🙂


  17. Topaz says:

    This was your mystery guest post, right around the time I started following you… could never forget it, makes me think ‘sexy Gap’! HHNT, and Happy New Year!

  18. Red Rider says:

    I could not agree more Emmy. The artistic beauty of this is one of the best – lovely! Happy new year!

  19. Sa says:

    Happy New Year Emmy! You are beautiful, funny and inspiring.

  20. Daniel says:

    I certainly didn’t see ALL your HNT’s this year. But of the ones I did, this is one I remember fondly. I loved the ‘alternate’ mystery guest version too. 🙂

    Happy new year!


  21. Very sexy!

    HHNT and Happy New Year!

  22. i loved this one also. then and now.

    HHNT doll and HAPpy new year xo

  23. Just me... says:

    Agreed!! Excellent photos!!
    Happy New Year!! :):):)

  24. Excellent choices – I just love these ones! Happy New Year 🙂

    xx Dee

  25. That’s not blue, that’s…insensate? Incroyable? No…hmmm…INNUENDO! Right? Right?

    Very nice pic. Prolly one of my favorite HNTs too. And I dint like any of em :-p

    Merry New Year!

  26. This really is a great photo. In general, and for you 🙂

  27. excellent choices!!

  28. That is a great HNT Emmy! Happy New Year to you and your family.

  29. It’s a gorgeous gorgeous photo! Beautiful 🙂

    —Amy xxxx

  30. Aurore says:

    It is a great pic. Happy New Year!

  31. looking amazing as always!!




  32. autumn says:

    wonderful choice emmy! so striking. i love your gloves and completely agree about the blue background.

    happy new year sexy lady!

  33. rage says:

    I like this photo because of your scars. I think I said the exact same thing when you originally posted the photo.

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