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Really briefly, I must suggest you visit Amorous Rocker’s site – I have conveniently located it in it’s own section over there —->

She has challenged bloggers and readers of blogs to donate money for a toy donation to Toys for Tots as well as a Dallas area Women’s Shelter.  I know times are tough, but a few bucks can go a long ways if combined with a few bucks from others. Be a part of a good cause – go visit her blog and join in! 

Personally, I’d like to see how much money we can raise as an online community.

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  1. Every little bit helps. $3 or $5 doesn’t seem like much but as Emmy said, if 10 people donate $5 that’s $50 and you can get a few toys with that. That’s a few more happy kiddos on Christmas Day that otherwise won’t get anything. Totally worth it.

    Thank you so much Emmy for posting this Emmy! And for giving me my own little corner spot. 😉 I really appreciate your help and support. *hugs*

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