Friday Brain Dump

Can I first start out by saying how happy I am that the Oregon-Oregon State Civil War Game is over?  I am so sick of people asking everyone who they are rooting for. I’m sick of all of the flags on all of the cars. The people who have changed their wardrobe to be the colors of the team they support (green & yellow or orange & black).  I’m sick of the ads that ask who you are going to cheer for.   I’m not native. I have friends who have gone to both Oregon and Oregon State, so I have no real loyalty to either.  I have to be careful who I say that around because for some, that would make me a horrible Oregonian and I’ll be run out of the state.  Iowa had a rivalry between Iowa and Iowa State, but never to this extent. 
I’ve decided I need these stairs in my house:

The slide would be cool and could double as a laundry shoot for when the kids throw down their laundry. (They have a hamper but never seem to bring the clothes down in it.)  I saw this on here where they have 15 interesting stairs ideas – some have been created in locations. Go check it out if you enjoy neat architecture.
Garbanzo has asked that I include this neat video:

It’s a “choose your own adventure” for catching the Gingerbread Man. And you actual choose your own adventure.  Love the creativity – and a great flashback to those of us old enough to remember that book series which really gained popularity in the early 80s. 
Saw this very geeky image and loved it.  Anyone who has used Windows should appreciate the humor of it.

A portrait of Microsoft’s CEO’s Steve Ballmer – made entirely using Blue Screens of Death from Windows. It is made by Fraser of
Anyone else know you could buy sex toys on  I didn’t know this, which is why this surprised me when I googled a toy someone had spoken about, and the first hit was Amazon.  People have actually reviewed the products. I guess there are still things I just can’t buy from Amazon – sex toys being on that list.
The girls don’t have school since it is the end of the grading period. They both need haircuts, so I think we’ll be doing that. I do need to get mine cut too – I can’t even tell you the last time I did that.  Don’t worry – it won’t be short despite the urges I’ve had to chop it all off again and donate it. The last time I did it was 4 years ago. It didn’t go below my chin after he took off 14-16 inches.  What will be the funniest part of tomorrow’s trip to get hair cuts? The expression on the faces of the stylist when I tell them to ask the girls how they want their hair cut. We really don’t care – it’s just hair.  But the expressions from the stylists are hilarious.

Hope everyone has a good Friday and a great weekend!
I know I need one – I did a whole 16 hours of contract work this week! 🙂

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  1. Those stairs fucking rock. I’ll have to click the link to check out the other ideas.

    I knew you could buy sex toys off amazon. I found that out a long time ago the same way you just found out. =o)

    I’ll watch that video later, it looks interesting.

    Happy Friday!

  2. I want those stairs too. Good luck with the haircuts.

  3. Sexy Sixty says:

    I saw those sex toys on Amazon a couple of weeks ago…think I saw them linked to a page for Crown condoms!

    So now you can get al you sex needs (well, not ALL) met at Amazon from educational and stimulating books, to toys and condoms.

    I think it is great that these things are coming out from the shadows.

  4. 13messages says:

    I, too, am in love with those stairs.

  5. ShellSpann says:

    That slide is awesome!

  6. Hey, you know why Oregon State Fans love orange so much?

    Cause they can wear it to the game on Saturday. Wear it hunting on Sunday. And wear it while picking up trash on the side of the road on Monday! Hahahaha *wipes tears* I have some friends down here who went there. Stocked up on the jokes.

    In there defense, usually it’s the only game of the year that matters 😉

    anyhoo, enjoy the haircut! I always feel better after one.

  7. Joker_SATX says:

    Love the Stairs! I thought the Video was pretty cool too!

    Oh and the pic of Steve Ballmer? Typical….

    Have a great weekend…stay warm!

  8. Those stairs are sooo cool! I need them for me 🙂

  9. Secretia says:

    There’s an unlimited amount of sex toys lying around the house too, almost anything feels good if you’re ready!


  10. garbonzo says:

    Run, run, as fast as you can, you can’t catch me I’m the gingerbread man!!!

  11. Topaz says:

    When I get a house, I’m insisting on these stairs! How cool is that! I’m sure H will use the slide thingy, both down, and trying to run up. Sigh. I see it now.

    And yaye to weekends, it’s my last weekend before work! (16 hrs? I think I need a job like that!)

  12. Just me... says:

    If you ever do order any ‘toys’ from Amazon, you will forever have similar product suggestions listed at the bottom of the page when you log in. Which makes it very interesting if your trying to buy something with your mother watching.. Um, or so I’ve been told.. :):)

  13. rage says:

    I showed the pic of SB to Temper. We both had a chuckle over that one.

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