Day 363 – SNOW!!

All afternoon, I’ve had the opening four part harmony of the song they sing in the movie White Christmas while they are on the train to Vermont going thru my head:
“Snow. Snow. Snow. SNOW!”

We had a totally unexpected snowstorm this afternoon.  Once again proving that to be a weather forecaster in Portland, you just need to be able to ask a Magic 8 ball a question & be able to read its response.

Was it a dusting of snow? Nope. It was like 5 inches.  And, we live in the land of not enough resources to deal with it, so everyone was screwed.  (Portland is extremely hilly too which is what causes the issues.)

Thankfully, we were all home.  So we went outside with the girls – and had a family snowball fight that lasted an hour.  DJ is evil during snowball fights.  Indigo knows how to use others as human shields. Garbanzo has tactics – and I just try to do my best Elf impression of rapid make and throw snowballs. 

We came inside after an hour of this – made a fire – everyone changed into their PJs – and we relaxed.  As DJ later said, “that was the greatest family snowball fight ever!”

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  1. Secretia says:

    When the snow is fun, it’s fun. Otherwise it’s work 🙂

  2. Just me... says:

    Love snow!!!
    In pictures!!! :)~
    And these are great pictures!!

  3. I LOVE those pictures!! very cool!

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