Day 345 – Chicken Run Part 2

This is Ms P as my kids call her. She is like Ginger from the movie Chicken Run. She knows how to escape out of any situation. If she wants out, she gets out. Yesterday, after I got done doing my hour on the elliptical, I heard a ruckus outside. I ran out thinking the worst – and finding she had escaped.  I grabbed her, tossed her back in the chicken area. Only to find the other one had escaped too.  I went into the neighbor’s backyard (of which I have permission to do), grabbed the other one, and tossed her back into their area.

An hour later, I repeated the process.

Two hours later, I grabbed Ms P again – tossed her into the coop and locked her in.  I was done chasing that damn chicken.

Today – same situation. Just got off of the elliptical – and had to run outside to get her. 

An hour later, I repeated the process.

Two hours later, I did it again.  This is me walking through the house to toss her into the coop to lock her inside. 

Tomorrow, Garbanzo is fixing is so she cannot escape. Because I’m done chasing that damn chicken.

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  1. Secretia says:

    That pet chicken makes me feel guilty about my dinner.


  2. Just me... says:

    Sounds like that chicken is bucking for an upgrade to ‘dinner’.. :):):)

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