Crying Uncle

My eyes rolled back as the pleasure washed through me.  My nipple was in his mouth, and each time he drew it in further – my pleasure soared. 

I love the way your eyes roll back when I do that.

Fuck, so do I.

I rode those waves of desire – thinking I could not get any higher until his teeth bit down – gently at first. He rolled my nipple with his tongue between his teeth, then bit down a bit more.   As my voice rose higher, the bites got a bit harder.  My head fell back as I enjoyed the sensations and let the moans leave my lips more freely.

I looked down at him and found he was staring at me intently.  His expression was one of curiosity – how far would I let him push me until I cried uncle? 

But, I love the way he boldly played with my nipples – individually, then both in his mouth. How he knew how to push me – how to let my endorphins take over so that he could push harder knowing I would love it.  The teeth, the sucking, the tugging with tongue, teeth and lips – just pushed me further into that dirty spot in my head where I would want him to do more – so that he could see how much more I could take.  And as he continued, I could feel what he was doing deep in my cunt as it tightened in arousal, then I could feel my wetness escape, gushing onto his cock and balls. 

God, I love how wet you are making me!

And even when that round of play finished, I knew there would be more to come.  He had just warmed me up.  Later, he would take advantage of my overly sensitive nipples – rubbing his palms over them, licking them lightly,  making sure they dragged across his chest as he fucked me, blowing on them, squeezing them suddenly as I was blindfolded, even lightly dragging his teeth over them.  Each time he would do it, I could not stop the sharp inhale of air that would follow his actions.  That sound that told him that he had caused my excitement to flare up suddenly.

That response  – that involuntary response my body had to the way he played with my nipples – was what kept me from crying uncle.

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  1. Looks like I’ve been away too long.
    But I know there’s more to come 😉

    Missed you babe!

  2. Secretia says:

    Reading this at this time of the morning, it gets me excited!
    I owe you for that.. 🙂

  3. Joker_SATX says:

    Man I am taking notes! Talk about good instructions to satisfy a woman!

  4. I’m with Secretia. It’s early to be this excited. But I am not saying uncle. Not yet anyway.

  5. Never say uncle…never!

  6. Bella says:

    damn, now where’s that husband of mine…

  7. Sa says:

    I didn’t know that expression at all. Off to google it…And nicely written. 🙂

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