A Date That Will Live….in….uhm, yeah….

I have occasionally teased Hubman because he seems know the exact date he lost his virginity.  It made me laugh because I remember the year and month, but not the exact date.

Until recently.

While going through the stuff in the basement, I came across a journal from that time. I have kept journals off and on throughout my life mainly because writing is one of the two ways I can process the stuff in my head. Talking it through is the other way.  And, with all of the crap going on during that time, I wrote a lot.  I flipped through the journal and discovered that I knew exactly when it happened for me now too.

During Thanksgiving break, I officially broke up with my boyfriend from back home. I was 18, away at school, and pretty much had decided I was done with him.  He wasn’t exactly a great communicator, and I need to break it off.  Plus, there was this guy I had become good friends with that I really wanted to date and jump the first chance I got.  He was this tall lanky guy from Portland who lived upstairs from me and wore this “Yes, I am a model” t-shirt.

I came back from Thanksgiving break that Sunday and had to do my glamorous work study job in food service. After dinner, I came back to the dorm and was told by everyone I met that Garbanzo was looking for me.  All I wanted was a shower at that point, so I went to take one figuring I’d find him later.  (Working college food service is just gross.)

I had just walked out of the bathroom in my bathrobe when Garbanzo met me in the hall.  He suggested we go for a walk. He wanted to hear about break.  Yeah, not really, he wanted to hear how things stood between my boyfriend and me.  I threw on some clothes and off we went.

Before break, we had almost kissed, but Garbanzo, being the good guy he was, left before it could happen. I would have let the kiss happen because I had already decided to break up with the other guy, but he didn’t want to be “the other guy” and left.

We went for a walk out in the snow and dark, and the conversation was avoiding what was really on our minds.  I finally threw in an “oh-by-the-way” and told him I had broken up with the guy over the holidays.  Garbanzo asked all of the questions of concern that a good friend should when I interrupted him to say I had done it because I wanted to be with Garbanzo not the other guy.  His response was, “good, now I can do this and not feel bad about it” – and we kissed. 

Five days later, we almost had sex.  A condom malfunction coupled with the fact we didn’t have a spare ended that attempt.  (What is it with me and condom malfunctions?)  So, a week later, on December 12th to be exact, we had sex for the first time – losing our virginity to each other.  Then started our six months of having sex as often as humanly possible …. which was a lot.  We were both horny people who thankfully found another just-as-horny person to be with.  We managed to piss off both of our roommates pretty quickly that year. 

So, 18 years ago today, I started having sex with Garbanzo.  And, I have no regrets with how soon we did it.  Clearly we were meant to be…..18 years later.

And, yes, Hubman, I realized I can no longer tease you about this. 🙂

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  1. Sa says:

    That story is just…perfect. I love it. 🙂

  2. frances says:

    What a great story! I’m so sentimental. 🙂 We sound very similar you and I. (Though I’ve always remembered the exact date.);-) I too was a heavy journal writer and some of my first time story is the same as yours. You’ve got me all sentimental now. Thanks for the walk down memory lane! Maybe I need to pull out my journals and see what I can find…

  3. NY Diva says:

    That’s really sweet! 🙂

    I wrote the date down in my journal too. I was cryptic even then, writing something like “Dear Journal, Just remember this date, ok?” hahaha

  4. ravenquince says:

    So, whatever happened to the tall lanky guy in the t-shirt? 😉

    LOL! Nice story 🙂

  5. Happy De-virginity Day!… I hope you get that same today! 😀

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  7. Great story. Congrats on 18 years together. 🙂
    I worked in college food service and feel your pain. Ugh. I don’t know about you, but it turned me off of cafeteria food.
    P.S. I know my exact date also.

  8. rage says:

    That is such a sweet story!

  9. Just me... says:

    Sadly, month and year are about all I can pin down.. And not entirely certan about the month (wasn’t what one could call memorable)..
    But, here 18 years later, it’s very romantic story.. :):)

  10. Hubman says:

    For the record, it was Friday, October 12, 1990 😉

  11. This post made me smile. 🙂

    May 3, 2002. I remember the date, too. It was 3 months and one day after we had started dating and our anniversary was February 2. So it had to be May 3!

  12. Daniel says:

    I was gonna tell you how f’s is in one of her journals too, but I see she beat me to it. 🙂

    I don’t know mine to the exact day, but it was December 20-something, 1997. A couple days before xmas.

    It’s funny… I actually have no idea what that ‘anniversary’ is with anybody but frances… And it’s coming up!

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