The New Man Challenge

Saturday night, after my brother & sister-in-laws wedding reception, we took the girls back to Grandma and Grandpa’s house and met up with Sasha and TL.

TL lives in the area while Sasha drove into town last minute. She had been working like crazy for the last few weeks and decided she needed to blow off some steam.  I had not planned on playing over the weekend given how crappy I had felt all week. But as Friday progressed, the better I felt.  I guess it took 3 full days of antibiotics to get me to that point.

Garbanzo and I dressed up for the reception.  I was dressed in a long sleeve dress (the one I showed the picture of a week or so ago), my knee high boots, my over the knee socks and bra.  I had been wearing a thong until Garbanzo removed it in the parking lot of the country club my brother works at.  He decided I did
not need it.

When we got to the hotel, we found they were on the bed relaxing.  Central Oregon actually has winter, so Sasha had been warming up.  They also had found the Alien marathon on TV and were watching it.  The movie also served as some background noise to hopefully cover up some of the noises later on.

What really happened was it presented TL and Garbanzo with a challenge.  Both love that movie. And both were on a bed with two naked women who were giving them lots of attention as well as providing attention to each other giving the men something more interesting to watch.

And, how did they handle this situation?  Sasha and I caught them both at least once glancing at the movie.  They both claim they were not watching the movie, that it wasn’t what it seemed.  Yeah, we didn’t let them live it down.

But, what was the greatest swapping foul?  The crackberry, I mean, Blackberry.  TL kept getting calls, text messages, and IMs while everything was going on.  He did a great job ignoring it…..or so I thought.

He had gone to the bathroom, and the three of us resumed our fun. I believe Sasha was the center of attention at the time. I realized a few minutes later, he had not returned to us.  I found him instead, sitting on the floor returning a text message. 

“What are you doing??”
“My friend keeps texting me because of a message Sasha had sent, so I was just sending her something back quick.”
“You are texting?!”
“Well, I, uh…”
“Didn’t you just give Garbanzo shit because you thought he was watching the movie? I think this is worse.”

To his credit TL put the phone down and rejoined us. 

But, his blackberry kept going off.  While we were recovering, I was more accepting of him checking it.  Turns out that an unexpected win of the University of Oregon game on Saturday changed some plans – so he was trying to get that communicated. I understand what he was trying to do and that it was set it in motion before we arrived.

That didn’t stop me, however, from giving him shit about it.

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  1. Hubman says:

    You must really like this TL guy if you put up with shit like this…

  2. That is very funny. But also kind of rude. No texting during sex! Unless of course you are taking pictures and tweeting them for the rest of us.

  3. 13messages says:

    We have recently discovered the joy of texting certain special friends during sex. Of course, that’s because it has everything to do with the sex. 🙂

  4. Secretia says:

    I would think that having new people’s bodies to play with would be enough without answering texting devices…

    Have some respect!


  5. Ok, I’d agree that surreptitiously texting during sex is a little rude. Totally different if he’s doing while you ride him though…

    But, I gotta side with the men on the Alien thing. How could you expect them NOT to watch!? It’s amongst natures most perfect movies. The lure is strong even during sex. Shoulda put on some bs chick flick. Even then, tv is shiny.

  6. Emmy says:

    Hubman – well, he IS good in bed. Plus, the fact this happened in the first 30 minutes of the 3.5 hrs we were together, I would say, we got over it quite fast. Plus, I do recall someone who likes to Tweet and text during sex 😉

    ASM – He actually was trying not to be rude to be honest. I’ll let him know that next time he can only do it if he takes pics and tweets them. 🙂

    13Messages – We have texted during sex – and you are quite right about subject matter being key. 🙂

    Secretria – I actually found it funny, so all was well.

    RLoTFC – You totally get the challenge in all of this! I knew YOU would. 🙂 We did discuss a chick flick next time, but decided the TV is shiny thing would be a problem regardless. I will have to say that as we relaxed, we did have great discussions about the movies. They are good movies 🙂

  7. Osbasso says:

    Between the Ducks and Aliens, you’re lucky you were able to get ANY attention! Good thing the game wasn’t on instead of the movie!

  8. Still sounds pretty fun to me 🙂

  9. my eyes… they taste like burning!! I glad your trip didn’t suck! Central Oregon can be pretty lame!

  10. NY Diva says:

    This was hilarious, and also clearly exhibits why I have to leave my phone in a different room while having sex. If I can hear a text message coming in, I get all twitchy wanting to look and then respond. 🙂

  11. Just me... says:

    Rule One: Put the phone on vibrate if you are naked with me…
    Rule Two: If it’s your kid (or babysitter) calling, you may answer.. Answer otherwise and you might as well put your clothes back on.. :):)

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