HNT: "You’re never fully dressed without a smile!"

Over Labor Day Weekend, we were lucky enough to have a playdate and sleep over with Sasha.  Sasha is a gorgeous woman.  And that fucking smile will get you every time,  I swear.
She and I had planned Garbanzo a surprise that night.  We had coordinated outfits.  She put on her fabulous black corset, and I put on my corset and stockings.  And, we surprised him as he was making us a snack in the kitchen.  The snack he was making was quickly forgotten as he pulled both of us in for kisses.  Of course, that was after he got his jaw of the ground.
We pulled him into the bedroom where Sasha and I put on a show for him.  Kissing, touching, partially undressing each other so we could get to nipples as was sprawled out on the bed. 
After we explored each others’ bodies, we undressed Garbanzo together.  We got him comfortably reclined on the bed, then positioned ourselves next to each other but down by his cock.  Together we shared his cock between the two of us.  Each taking turns sucking and teasing him as the other gave attention to other parts.  Finally, he called enough, and he asked for a condom from me as he wanted to fuck Sasha.
I happily obliged, and the night of fun commenced.  In the end, I found myself snuggled between the two of them sleeping.
And the two of them surprised me in the wee hours of the morning by waking me up to fingers and mouths and orgasms.  In the end, everyone got a similar good morning greeting.  And, when we separated in the morning, we all left each other with smiles on our faces.
And a plan to hopefully repeat this sometime this winter….hopefully for a weekend.

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  1. garbonzo says:

    That was a fantastic night. Smiles all around! Can’t wait for another. We definitely need to make a weekend out of it… I know of a beach house…

  2. Sounds like a wonderful night! Loving the picture too. Pretty smiles and great cleavage. Happy HNT!

  3. figleaf says:

    Cool, one more good reason to like evening gowns! Awesome smiles too.

    Happy HNT, Emmy!


  4. Sam says:

    Boy is it getting hot in here!

  5. Osbasso says:

    Those are two GREAT sets! (smiles, perverts! smiles!)

  6. Great smiles guys! Sounds definitely like an interesting night!

  7. right Os.. suuuuure

    great pic hotness.

    and the night sounds delightful.. oh to be a fly on that wall 😉

  8. Sounds absolutely amazing, and lots of fun! What a grand picture your smiles and cleavages make, too 🙂

    xx Dee

  9. 13messages says:

    Those are infectious smiles indeed. And I love the story so much.

    HHNT to you both.

  10. Vixen says:

    Incredible smiles AND view!

    Awesome story and fun…


  11. yep, this is why you are one of my first stops 🙂

  12. This picture brought a huge smile to my face!

  13. southerngirl says:

    GREAT smiles and uhhh… racks!!


  14. dark snow says:

    great one…

    and the pic is beautiful

  15. wifegonebad says:

    What a great pic for a great night! Hope you get to enjoy that again soon. 🙂

  16. Garbanzo is a lucky man if he gets to look at that in the flesh! Stunning smiles and stunning cleavage!

    —Amy xxxx

  17. Just me... says:

    Great smiles and love the contrast of the creamy white and the tanned.. :):)

  18. NY Diva says:

    What a great pic and accompanying story! 🙂 Very, very hot!

  19. Extremely hot photos and I always love a showtune!


  20. Wow!!! Both the photo AND the accompanying details. Sounds like a marvelous playdate. 😉

  21. Very hot. Both of your smiles are just beautiful 🙂

  22. rage says:

    Wow what a clever and cute title to your HNT and what a hot description to the hot picture!

  23. Lapis Ruber says:

    Sounds like a great time was had by all 🙂 Happy HNT!

  24. I don’t understand the smile part but great racks!

  25. frances says:

    you can never have enough tits eh? think of the fun if you add a few more sets to this! 😉

  26. Damn Emmy…I am gonna have another wet spot! LOL HHNT!

  27. oh that is just great!

  28. sounds like fun to me!!

    Great smiles and boobage!

  29. Joker_SATX says:

    OK, so based on this post and the shit eating grin on my face now, I guess I am now fully dressed!

  30. Yes, that most certainly would put a smile on my face! *wink* Great shot – though those gorgeous smiles are certainly not what catches the eye!



  31. Secretia says:

    Three luck ducks in a row!

  32. Secretia says:

    Three luck ducks in a row!

  33. BTExpress says:

    Sounds like fun, I’d like to try a night like that. Now where can I find a volunteer around here?

  34. Hubman says:

    She does have an awesome smile! Yours isn’t too bad either 😉

    Happy HNT!

  35. Awesome and I LOVE the song you quoted. 🙂 HHNT!

  36. autumn says:

    emmy, that picture is absolutely beautiful! i love the story…the facts as they are. how very exciting. mmm mmm yummy night for sure.

  37. M says:

    Lovely ladies 🙂

  38. You look like you had a blast.
    Love the matching lace and the matching smiles.

  39. Red Rider says:

    How fun and happy you both look. Love the pic! Happy belated!

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