Friday the 13th – Week Wrap Up

Insomnia has still been a friend to me lately. I wish I could say that it’s because I’m sleeping in each morning of my unemployed life, but it isn’t.  I’m up between 6:30-7-ish each day.  While not as early as it used to be, it’s still early when you are in bed by 3am.

While some people are a night owl or an early bird, I can be either one or both (as I’m showing more recently).  It’s not impacting me too much really.  I’m not feeling incredibly run down or anything with no need/want for a nap.  Maybe my body only wants 4 hours of sleep each night.  Who knows.  Until then, I’m trying not to keep my friends (TL specifically) who may be chatting with me up past their bedtimes.


Now that soccer season is pretty much finished (DJ has her last game on Saturday) and Indigo is no longer in taekwondo, we have started to do something amazing – eat at the dining room table together as a family.  When these other activities are going on, the night after they get home was focused on getting them fed, getting homework done, and getting them to bed.  You have to combine a few of those when there is only about 60-90 before bedtime.  So, eating together has been sacrificed.  But, now that things are calming down, we have started eating together again.

It has been hilarious each night as Indigo starts the meal with a toast and a required clinking of the glasses.  Yes, you can tell in her recent memory, we have eaten together more in a social situation with our friends than as a family.  When she got stuck on a toast the other day, she finally just raised her glass and said “To Monday!”  Then, after dinner, the girls have been playing board games or reading instead of watching television.  I weird change – but not one I will argue about.


In more family news, my dad who received info that they found an abnormality on his stress test went to the cardiologist who told him the abnormality is with his nurse, and he’ll be fixing that.  Nothing is wrong with my dad other than he needs to get off his ass and exercise.  Oh, and he yelled at my dad for not carrying his nitro pill with him like he’s supposed to.  If he had, they would have known right away he didn’t have a heart attack a week ago.


I talked to my brother N this week who is going to try to confront my dad on everything and point out that none of us want him dead – so maybe this is God’s way of sending him a wake up call.  During the conversation, he makes a comment about how we weren’t coming down to have Thanksgiving with the family.  Thankfully this is my brother who can take my response which was “what the fuck is up with everyone thinking we aren’t coming down there?” His stumbling response takes us back about 2 years ago when my parents surprised us by showing up for Christmas.  At the time, I was the only one with kids, so when the demand was that we spend Christmas eve and Christmas day down there arose, I said no. We were setup to have Christmas at home, and that’s where we would be. We went down a couple days before, and my parents came up on Christmas day. But, as far as I was concerned, they were portable, we were not. My brother being reminded of the circumstances suddenly was on my side with all of this.  And, it kind of pissed him off about it.  Hopefully it will be put to rest.


Dewey over at Dewey’s F*cking System made me chuckle at his comment the other day which he left on “The Lurking Surprise” post.  “I’ve been reading your blog here and there but I had no idea that this kind of stuff was going on in your life.” I chuckled because I have received comments on certain posts about our sex lives that have made me think the reader believed it was fantasy, and other comments on the erotica that have indicated some have thought it was real.  I guess I’m doing a great job keeping people guessing.


I have decided that my own personal hell would involve me being locked into a huge room, given a paint brush and told to paint trim & not getting any paint on the walls.  I hate painting trim. I hate it in ways I cannot explain.  And, I live in an almost 100 year old house where it is fucking everywhere.  I can paint a huge room in a few hours, but throw in the trim and it’s a fucking two day job, I swear.  Don’t tell me to go get some fancy brush or gadget to make my life easier. I’ve tried them – they don’t.  I know it’ll look good when it’s done. It’s just getting there that is a bit mind numbing. 


I have been eating my body weight in pomegranates lately. I love this time of the year where they seem to be available everywhere.  I have decided that eating them is messy in the sexy way.  Despite my aversion to food play, I might be talking myself into eating a pomegranate with someone.

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  1. Just me... says:

    First, here’s hoping the insomnia eases soon..
    But, had to laugh when reading about the painting.. I have the exact opposite feeling.. Love painting trim and ‘cutting in’ on walls.. But, I feel as though I’m being punished when having to paint the ‘field’ on the walls.. Hate fucking paint rollers.. Boring!!! :):)

  2. Vixen says:

    I *love* Pomegranates!!!! YUM.

    Total night owl/sufferer of Insomnia here too. And I have found, like you, that I am *much* less frustrated by it all when I just give in it to, rather than try to fight it.

    Love the idea of starting meals with toasts. That’s awesome. 🙂

  3. Joker_SATX says:

    Funny…Soccer Season ends this weekend for me.

    Food play? Pomegranites? Sounds like a creative photo shoot to me.

    Now that’s a nice camera…I have a piece of crap Nikon Coolpix…but I guess it will have to do…

    Have a great weekend.

  4. rage says:

    Painting anything, let alone trim…sucks.

    Anyway…I do hope things with your dad improve soon. Dads get stuck in their ways and are hard to change sometimes.

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