Flashback to the Past

It’s been several days since we had sex. This illness has put a damper on things in the bedroom, sadly.  It’s always worse when the mind is willing, but the body is not, which has been the case.

So, Friday night, we found ourselves without kids. The ability to crawl into bed together and enjoy the night without any worries.  

Except we are in my parents’ house.
Their bedroom is right next to ours.
And the cheap-ass headboard on the bed knocks against the wall.

“Will you give me a mouth-full instead?” I ask him.
“Oh, okay,” he said with a grin.  Yeah, like he was going to decline a blow job.

I took his cock into my mouth and started working my tongue along the shaft like I know he enjoys.  Then I took him deep into my mouth and listened to his sharp inhale of air – that sounds that tells me it is where he loves it.  I worked my mouth up and down, pausing occasionally to swirl my tongue around the head of his cock before I took it back deep into my throat.

He pulled me up after several minutes and kissed me.

“I want to be inside of you.”

He slid inside of me and slowly began moving careful not to knock the cheap ass headboard against the wall.  But, it started being almost impossible to avoid.

“Grab this pillow, pull the headboard forward, and jam it behind it.” I said as I handed him a pillow.

He followed my directions, then resumed thrusting into me.  No headboard issues.  We continued on, pleasuring each other the entire way while being as quiet as mice. 

After we both came, we held each other close – kissing and just holding each other.  I glanced up and caught sight of the pillow and started laughing.  Laughing is probably the wrong word – more like hysterics.  I felt like we were back in college, sneaking around, quietly having sex in my parents’ house behind their backs. It just seemed so funny – how being there could toss us back to being 20 years old. But, that’s how being with the parents can be, isn’t it?

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  1. Oh ho ho looks who’s so fancy they can’t rut on the floor like animals.

    We usually end up with one or both of the kids with us at the in-laws. So this is rarely a

    And yes illness enforced celibacy stinks.

  2. That is the best kind of sex…. 🙂

  3. frances says:

    how cute and nostalgic.

  4. Osbasso says:

    Just remember this story in another 20 years and the kids come home for Thanksgiving…

  5. i never had sex in my parent’s house. i always wondered what it would be like. Thank you for living out my dream!

  6. I don’t understand . . . why wouldn’t you want your folks to hear a loud pounding in the next room? 🙂

    haha, yea, I think we can all agree that its just not right

  7. Very clever trick with the pillow. 🙂

  8. Vixen says:

    Sometimes that kind of sex (We can’t be heard!) is the best. 😉

  9. Just me... says:

    Oh, the pillow trick.. I had forgotten that!!
    Glad you got it worked out!! :):)

  10. autumn says:

    oh my i love this flashback! wonderful. good call on the pillow.

    ex mother in law’s spare bed springs were super squeeky. so difficult to be quiet. 🙂

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