Day 312 – No Picture Edition

For the third time this year, I have missed my picture of the day.  I took them, I had them, I just didn’t have time to upload one on Saturday.  I’ll give you two tomorrow instead – one from Saturday AND from Sunday.

I could take the easy way out and blame Sasha as she and TL were definitely involved in why I didn’t have time. (Emmy feels MUCH better now except for the occasional dizziness that is the antibiotics way of reminding me I’m not supposed to exercise or engage in strenuous activities because it could make me dizzy.)

But, as fun as it can be to jokingly poke fun at Sasha, the reality is – it’s my fault. Just didn’t do it.

Let me also throw out that I will have lots of stories from this trip.  Holy shit! My mom was in rare form and reminded me that she is not fit to be a navigator. There is having sex in my parents’ house that reminded Garbanzo and me of sneaking around to have sex when he lived with us a couple summers while we were in college.  I’m sure there is a sexy story or two to share – oh, hell, I KNOW there is.  Then, there is just the tale of my brother’s reception where I got to learn exactly how my brother and new sister-in-law met.

Fun was had by all.  Now, if only my brother’s fucking dogs would settle down and go to sleep because they are noisy little Jack Russell Terriers who are being crated tonight while they stay with my parents. They usually sleep with my brother and sister-in-law. I have offered to take them into bed with us, but Garbanzo has rejected it.  Who needs sleep, right?

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  1. Ah nothing says holidays like kinky sex….’Why does my stocking smell like daddy before his shower?’

  2. Secretia says:

    You can make an adventure anywhere you go!


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