Day 299 – Pig Man

I have been lucky to have known many artists over the years.  I’m not talking those who call themselves artists – but I mean real artists.  People who live and breath to create pieces.

One guy I actually worked with for about 12 years at my last company.  He worked out in the warehouse and received non-inventory shipments.  This means I worked with him quite a bit as I dealt with all of the computers, laptops, servers and such that we were expecting in IT.  I setup and deployed all of it, so he would bring me my work each day. 

I went down to fix his computer one day and discovered his workstation was filled with artists he was obsessed with at the time.  He and I began talking about the artist that was motivating him at the time, and a friendship blossomed.  Later, we hired him into IT to do all of our computer and technology purchasing.   He would bring in his pieces that he was working on to show them to me and a few others. 

He would go through phases.  And one day he had an idea with faces. He was carrying his sketch pad everywhere.  His idea was simple. Draw the face true – then distort it based on the person’s character.

And, out came pig man.  Pig man – which he eventually gave me – was based on a guy he ran into one day.  They had gone to school together – and he was the egotistical jock. Thought he was God’s gift to everything and treated people as though they were there to serve him.  And, women – he treated them like shit.

So, when my friend ran into him, he loved the fact the guy was overweight now and balding. He still thought he was God’s gift, but his appearance made it a bit humorous to him.  The result was the above picture.  Notice the pig nose to represent his attitude towards women.  The balding hair. The bad teeth. I mean, he is pig man.

I recently found pig man. He was sitting safely way from the construction zone that was our kitchen a couple years ago.  He’s going back on the wall this week.  Seeing him reminds me of my friend.  Of our conversations about art. And the fact I need to find him again to see how he’s doing.

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  1. Even without the story, I love that painting. Once I know the story, I like it even more!

    I’m a fan of unique, odd, or even “ugly” art, and this is something I would be totally drawn to. Very cool.

  2. I try to avoid bacstories to art. I feel like…if they need to explain they’re not doing a good job. The art should speak fir itself. Similarly I avoid introductions to books and interviews with musicians etc. where they explain stuff.

    That being saud, I think that just from the name and picture I got something similar to the story before I read it. I guess that’s a good sign.

  3. Just me... says:

    Have always tried to find ‘real art’ (my goofy term) rather than the pre-packaged crap sold everywhere.. The funny thing, if you look around, you can find it in the most unusual places. Like leaning next to a dumpster.. A numbered and original signature Andy Warhol.. Of course, being the weenie that I am, I told them what they were doing and they took it back inside.. Oh, well.. I’m not a fan of the Space Fruits collections anyway..
    Yeah, but I’m still kicking myself for that one!!

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