Day 292 – Leaves

We went up to the school today to drop off Garbanzo for his week of hell, I mean, outdoor school. While we were waiting, I noticed how few leaves there were still on the trees up there.  The day was beautiful, so I decided to take some pictures of the bare trees & the last remaining leaf.  Kind of poetic actually – since there is only a limited number of days like this before the rain becomes the norm.

My missed photo opportunity of the day was when we were driving up to the school. The fog had just burned off, and all along the road in the woods we saw these amazing spider webs still covered in dew thus making them stand out. I was going to stop on the way back to take pictures of these amazing creations, but sadly could not. The dew had dried by then.

As much as I hate to admit this, I realized today that Garbanzo is likely stuck with outdoor school duty from here on out. While I hate having him away from the family, I realized how many parents trust him more than most teachers for the week away from home. Several parents who I have gotten to know over the years chatted with me about the half marathon last week, but also about the fact they are freaked out that their kid is going away for a week – but they know they will be fine because of him.  To many, they see him as the second principal.  His role is teacher, but they all know he loves his kids and will make sure they are taken care of just like his own. I bet the science teacher would have the same trust of the parents – maybe not as much, but they love her as they should. She is a wonderful and caring woman. But next year, I doubt she will be ready to take off a week with a 9 month old left at home. The other teacher – well, he isn’t as loved. And, his continual communication usual causes more questions and concerns than answers.  So, this means I am stuck with this arrangement. Oh, well…I guess I should remember that he does get extra pay for this week.

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  1. It is part of the bitch of bring a teacher. While I often argue that if your plan to solve education is to wait for a bunch of Jaime Escalantes, you’re stupid, I do think, to be good at teaching more than most professions, require that you give more of yourself. It stinks but does have it’s own rewards.

  2. NY Diva says:

    The color contrast between the bluest blue sky, dark trees, and colorful leaves is one of my favorite things!

  3. rage says:

    I absolutely love the pictures with the leaves in them! Great colors!

  4. great pics babe.

    if youre lonely, i have a king size bed here 😉

    yes its cold up here in the north, but i am sure i can keep you warm

  5. Secretia says:

    Nice place to go to, and a great time for it.

  6. garbonzo says:

    NO amount of pay is worth being away from you.

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