Answering the Call

Room 302

I paused outside preparing to knock. I knew he was not expecting me per say, but his earlier text message made it clear he really wished he was not alone.  Our back and forth conversation about the night before, the possibilities of things to come, had left him in an uncomfortable position – all turned one with no one to turn to but himself. 

And, I couldn’t have that.

Especially since I was responsible for his current state.

I knocked on the door and waited for him to open it.

“You came!” he said with shock. “I thought you were just teasing me when you said you wished you could help.”

I looked up at him with a smirk. “I don’t just talk a good game, you know. I can actually cash the checks my mouth makes – I think is a good way of putting it.”

He had made a comment to me to that effect before, so he laughed at my use of it back on him.

I walked into the room as I heard him close the door behind me.

“Can I take your coat?”


I undid the belt of my long rain coat and opened it up revealing his second surprise. I was only wearing thigh high black stockings and my black boots under my coat.

“Fuck! That’s hot!”

“I figured I would come prepared to help and forgo the clothes.”

He tossed my coat into the chair nearby and crossed over to me in a few long steps.

I looked up at him as he got close just as his hand took a handful of hair and tilted my mouth up to meet his.  His kiss was deep and demanding. With his free hand, he pulled me into the kiss.  I met his kiss. I was just as wound up from our chatting earlier.

We broke apart to catch our breath and made our way to the bed. He shed his clothes as we went.

“I want you to work my cock the way I saw you do it last night. I’ve been thinking about it all morning.”

“Then get on the bed.”

He stretched out on the bed, and I knelt between his legs.  I looked up at him as I took his cock into my mouth wanting to see the look on his face as I took him deep into my mouth.  And, he did not disappoint with his expression of pleasure and moan from his lips.  I worked his cock slowly in and out of my mouth taking him deeper each time until I took in his full length.  Then, I backed off a bit, licking the head before starting the process over again.  It didn’t take long before he pulled me up on top of him. 

“I need one of these..” and he took one of my nipples into his mouth.  He had me moaning now. 

“I’ve been thinking about you doing this to me all morning. I love the way you suck on my nipples!”

He sucked the nipple in his mouth hard and firm and used his teeth in that exquisite way that walks the line between pleasure and pain staying on the right side of that line, of course. 

While he worked the nipple in my mouth, he took the other one in between his fingers and rolled it firmly.

“Mmmmm” I moaned loudly.

“That’s what I like to hear, ” he said with a grin.

He flipped me over onto the bed and placed my hands on the headboard behind me.

“Don’t move those off the headboard until I tell you that you can. Understand?”

I agreed as his mouth found my pussy.  He began nibbling on my pussy lips – lips and teeth – as he made his way to my clit.  My breathing got heavy with moans escaping from my lips.

“Don’t move those hands,” he warned.

“I won’t.”

“Good girl.”

His mouth brought forth louder moans as he worked my clit.  I felt his fingers penetrate me finding my g-spot.  My moans got louder.

“I love the noises you make!”

He continued his exploration of my pussy, and I keep my hands where he wanted them to stay. But, damn, it is getting harder and harder.

“Fuck me please!” I moan. “Fuck me! I need your cock.”

“I’m not sure I’m ready yet” and I feel his finger leave my pussy and push into my ass.

“I want you to cum first. Touch your clit for me like you did last night.”

I reached down and started stroking my clit.  He continued to move his finger in my ass.  He started repositioned himself so that he could suck a nipple as I did it.  It didn’t take me long before I came.

“Good girl” was what he said into my ear.

“Fuck me already – there’s a condom in my coat pocket” was my response.

He got off of the bed go retrieve it and pulled me with him.  “I want to bend you over this chair and fuck you.”

He reached into my pocket and found the condom – “And you brought lube too. You thought of everything, you dirty girl.”

He donned the condom, bent me over the chair and slide into my pussy with a single stroke. I couldn’t help but moan loudly as he did.  He started moving in and out slowly but started increasing the rhythm as he went.  The angle, the rhythm – it all hit that perfect place in my pussy.  And just when I thought it could get better, I felt his thumb slip back into my ass.  An even louder moan escaped my lips.

“I’m so glad you told me that – I can see why you love it.”

He started slowing down. I started to protest, but understood clearly why he had slowed.

“You texted me on the way back to the hotel from your house that I could have your ass,” he reminded me as he added some lubrication and moved his thumb back into my ass. “The way you fucked yourself against my finger was so fucking hot. I can’t wait to see what you do with the real thing.”  Then he slide out of my pussy and pressed into my ass slowly – allowing me to get used to his cock.

Once he was deep inside, he paused – clearly waiting for me to signal I was ready for him to begin his assault on my ass.  I was almost instantly ready as I pushed back against his cock.  He didn’t hesitate and started to move against me. I encouraged him to go harder.  I wanted a pounding – so I met his every stroke by fucking him back.

I could tell from his breathing that this was not going to last long. 

“Are you going to cum in my pussy or my ass?” I asked.

“Your ass” was his response – and that response seemed to push him right over the edge as he released his orgasm.

And at that moment, I was glad I was able to help.

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  1. Secretia says:

    So good you had me breathing heavily.

  2. Hubman says:

    You like it in the ass? I had no idea! LOL…

    Hot stuff 🙂

  3. 13messages says:

    Very, very sexy. Thanks for sharing that.

  4. Just me... says:

    Oh, the hands-on-the-headboard thing! Love it!!
    Great writing!! :):)

  5. Vixen says:


    Okay then….now I’m all hot and bothered. (lol)

  6. rage says:

    I think I just came…excuse me…

  7. Cheeks says:

    Hooray for #emmysbutt! *grins*

  8. wifegonebad says:

    Oh my…very hot…gotta go…bye!

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