A Lurking Surprise

“I’m done dancing. I’m thinking about coming by for another good night kiss. That okay?”

I sent Sasha a text massage back with an “of course”.  Sasha’s good night kisses are always good for all involved, especially if there has been some tequila involved.

“I want to see you in your school girl outfit. Would you put it on for me?”

I told her I could do that and asked where she was.  She said she was pretty close to the house, so I went into the bedroom to get changed.  Not long after, she arrived.  She came into the bedroom where we embraced and kissed.

“Man, you look good! I have a surprise for you. Do you have a blindfold?”

“Yes,” I answered a bit cautiously, “why?”

“Trust me. Get me the blindfold and get on the bed.”

I handed her the blindfold and climbed onto the bed with her quickly following. She put the blindfold on me, then told me to lean back.

“What’s that?” She asked after my phone vibrated on the shelf next to the bed.

“It’s probably The Lurker.”  He and I had been IMing earlier, and I had texted him a picture or two before her text letting me know she was coming over.  He had mentioned he wanted to see boobs, so who was I to deny a man’s request? Especially a sexy man’s request… 

Not seconds after the answer left my mouth, I heard her phone go off. 

“Hang on, let me shut it off.”

Soon, Sasha was back on the bed with me.  She started stroking my breasts through my shirt, unbuttoning a few more buttons, sliding her hands inside my bra and finding a nipple, then sliding her hands up and down my stocking-clad legs.  An occasional kiss and a comment or two about what she was hoping to do tonight.  Her hands finally opened my shirt more and shoved aside my bra so she could get her mouth on my nipple.  Then she paused and called out for Garbanzo to bring her some water and said something about being thirsty from dancing, then resumed her exploration of my body.

I heard Garbanzo come into the room and she thanked him for the water.  She resumed what she has been doing to my nipple when I felt another hand and mouth on my other nipple. 

Someone new was with us.  I knew it was not Garbanzo. 

“I know who this is,” I said in between moans.  I recognized the assault on my nipple. The sucking, the tug with teeth, and way he seemed to walk that line between too much and not enough. I knew it could only be one guy.

“He was in town, so I thought you would like the surprise,” Sasha whispered in my ear.

“Dirty girl sending me pictures and doing this,” The Lurker (TL) grabbed my hand and put it on his hard cock.

I rubbed it through his pants as he continued sucking, nibbling and tugging on my nipple.  Sasha gave me her nipple to suck as Garbanzo, I later learned, was snapping pictures.

I felt TL’s hand slide down my body and under my skirt.

“Feel this wet pussy! I haven’t even touched it, and she’s soaked.”

His fingers explored the wet folds of my pussy stroking my clit a bit, then a gentle slap. The only thing I could do was moan.  Finally I felt a couple fingers slid deep inside me – and I moaned again. 

“You like that, do you?” You could hear the amusement in TL’s voice.

“Yes”, I managed to answer as he fingers found my g-spot.  God, does that man know right where to find it.  He knows the pressure to apply, the rhythm of how to stroke it, everything.  Damn!  He could feel my pussy clamp onto his fingers as he teased me.

I felt Sasha get pulled away. Still blindfolded, I could only guess that Garbanzo was attending to her (or vise versa). I think it was a bit of both really.

TL, well, he had other plans for me.  Last time we were together, he had lamented the fact he was unable to go down on me, to show me his oral skills, if you will.  It should not have surprised me that this was next on his list.  TL likes lists as I have discovered. And more than anything, he loves helping people cross things off of their lists.  But, at that moment, he was crossing something off of his own list, not that I was going to complain about it.

Still blindfolded, I felt him leave my side, then I felt his breath on my pussy.  That’s all I felt for a few minutes. The anticipation was killing me. I was blindfolded, so I couldn’t see what he was doing. I could only feel his hot breath on my already hot pussy. I just laid their imagining what he would do next. 

I felt his hands, spreading my pussy wide as he got ready to do more. I held my breath as I waited. Then, his lips were on my nether lips. Lips, teeth and tongue were on my pussy. Hard and soft tuggings.  TL finally found my clit – the clit he had been deliberately avoiding.  My breath and moans were pretty loud by that point. My legs were beginning to tremor – a sign that I was getting close. 

“I’m not sure I want to let you cum yet.”

Fuck! I didn’t know how much longer I was going to be able to take this.  Then, it stopped.  He had other plans for me. 

Last time we were together, the play did not include him fucking me. Our first meeting was supposed to be TL & Sasha coming over to meet and have a drink. But, it turned into some playtime in the bedroom.  (I seem to notice a trend of this where Sasha is involved.  NOT that I am complaining! She is a hot and sexy woman – I can’t keep my hands off of her.)

After he left that night we all met and played, I had texted him that next time I expected him to fuck me. I just wanted to set expectations.  He liked that offer, so I threw in there that if he was good, he could have my ass too.  He immediately took me up on it and offered a couple scenarios he would like to see played out.

It was no surprise then that his other plans for me was the he wanted my ass.  He wanted to bend me over the bed, flip up that little school girl outfit, and fuck it hard.  I was game.

TL moved me to the side of the bed, and that is when they took the blindfold off of me. I found all were naked and ready. Sasha was there ready to watch – something she had been wanting.  And Garbanzo was in front of me.  Ready to watch my reaction and offer me his cock.  TL started to very slowly enter me, and as he did so, I pushed back onto him.  I had suggested he go slow, but not that slow. 

He started moving in and out of me slowly, but started gaining speed as I encouraged by continuing to fuck him back. My desire was to give Garbanzo some oral loving, but I couldn’t manage it.  The pounding felt too good.  I was moaning and moving so much I couldn’t keep Garbanzo’s cock in my mouth.  So, I wrapped my hand around his cock and moved it with me in an attempt to keep a connection with him as well.  Sasha gave my nipple attention while periodically whispering naughty things in my ear. 

“What do you think? You think she’s ready to be DP’d?”

There was agreements all around.  TL made a comment about crossing another thing off of my list.  I climbed on top of Garbanzo and slid his cock into my pussy.  I won’t go into the exact mechanics of how it all happened because it includes funny things like TL almost hitting his head on the ceiling fan.  But, I should thank the porn industry for providing some great examples of how to make it all work… because work it did! I don’t think I can really put into words how I felt outside of “wow”.  I am just thankful that Sasha found the camera and took pictures. 

This was a high point in our night but not the end. There was more sucking and fucking by all until we all collapsed, warm and spent onto the bed under the ceiling fan.  We then laid there talking as we recovered.

For me, that’s the funny part about swinging.  The fact you can have mind blowing sex with these people, then lay there talking about the kids’ soccer games and other things in life.  

Sasha is allowed to bring me any surprises she wants in the future…especially if it is The Lurker.

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  1. What a gorgeous surprise! You’re a very lucky lady 😉 Sounds amazing! And sometimes it’s the little intimacies after sex that make it that little bit better, and I love that.

    —Amy xxxx

  2. Hubman says:

    So now I know the story behind the picture you teased me with the other day!

    I’m glad you got the DP you wanted and it worked out. Now I need to arrange the same for Veronica…

  3. 13messages says:

    Thank you for sharing this. What a sexy tale that was. I love your life. 😉

  4. ShellSpann says:

    Ohhh la la!! That’s hot!

  5. frances says:

    wow. what i wouldn’t give for people to randomly show up at my door and want to fuck me. lucky, lucky girl. so sexy.

  6. Ms Scarlett says:

    My, my, my…. lucky you! HOT!

  7. Just me... says:

    Double Dittos to what 13Messages said!! :):)

  8. I’ve been reading your blog here and there but I had no idea that this kind of stuff was going on in your life. I just sat here and read this thinking that was a fucktastic surprise they pulled on you and that you got to live something, a fantasy was such a turn on. Incredible that it all worked out like that.

    The final comment about the “kids soccer” was just too funny. At least I thought it was funny.


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