Meeting The Confessor

Friday night, we got together with Confessor X, as he is known on his blog.  X and I met about 5 weeks earlier after I landed on his blog and made a comment.  The comment turned into other comments which turned into chats and emails and phone calls.

I knew after I made the decision to take Garbanzo to Seattle for our anniversary that we needed to meet up with him.  At first, it was to simply meet, but as we chatted and talked more, it became clear that we needed more than a simple meeting.  X is funny, sexy, and very arousing.  Read his blog, then meet him – and you will have no question as to how he gets into women’s panties.

When we met Friday, we embraced like old friends.  Garbanzo and I had not eaten, so we found a funky restaurant/bar that would allow us to get some food while giving us a chance to flirt.  X, having read my blog, knew that playing on the first date is generally something we do not do – and respected it – despite our reassurance that the rule has been known to show some flexibility from time to time especially in special situations like this one.

He and I sat next to each other while Garbanzo sat across from us. I had deliberately worn a short skirt and my cashmere v-neck sweater.  I know the skirt makes my legs look great – and the sweater – well, besides being extremely soft, it shows my cleavage quite well.

X almost immediately stroked my leg under the table.
“You have such soft skin,” was what he whispered in my ear. 

Damn, I knew this was going to be a long meal.

We all talked about work and just about life.  His hand was on my leg caressing it, and mine was on his.  And, my shoe was off as I was stroking Garbanzo’s leg under the table too.  Can’t have anyone feeling left out.  Not that he was – Mr. Flirting-with-the-Waitress. 

I know I was silently laughing to myself – the waitress had no idea of who was with who….the upside of being out of town, away from any good possibility of running into someone you might know.  (And, in Garbanzo’s defense, he claims he was trying to see if there was a possibility of getting her to come back with us to the hotel room. She probably would have given how much attention she was giving him, I mean, us.)

The talk continued, the flirting continued, and his hand on my leg slowing moving up my skirt – I suspect, seeing how far I would let him go.

We left the restaurant and walked a bit. X and I were hand-in-hand while I linked arms with Garbanzo.  What a feeling – between two men.  A foreshadowing of things to come.

At a corner while we were waiting for the light to change, X pulled me into this arms and kissed me.  “God, you are sexy.” His hands were stroking my back and sides.

We continued to walk back to the car.  He’s pull me close whenever we had to stop where we would flirt more while in the embrace and/or kiss.  I was a puddle by the time we got back to the car.

If asked, I would have totally thrown the first date rule out the window for him.

We got back to the hotel. We all said good night.  He and I kissed again. 

I got a text message from him soon after telling me how incredibly sexy I was.  I replied in a similar fashion and told him how wet the night had made me. 

“Don’t make me bite my lip too much, I’m gonna need them to spoil your body with tomorrow….”

My reply was that we can’t have that as I look forward to being spoiled.

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  1. I’m always so jealous of all the bloggers that get to meet each other and have sexytimes!

    I can’t wait to hear more about it!

  2. Confessor X says:

    I can still taste you on my lips…

  3. NY Diva says:

    For some reason the Mr. Flirting-With-The-Waitress line cracked me up. 🙂

  4. Hot…can’t wait to read what happens next!

  5. Sexy PTA Mom says:

    ooooooh!! That sounds so fun!! I am glad you guys enjoyed each other!!!

  6. Vixen says:

    Oh NICE. Sounds like so so much fun. Nothing more fun then meeting up with a sexy blogger that is everything you hoped they would be and more!

  7. I’m with Britni – the UK is too far way for sexy blogger fun most of the time!

    Can’t wait to hear what happened next 😉

    —Amy xxxx

  8. autumn says:

    that’s just all totally sexy. i’m glad you had fun and can’t wait to read more.

  9. oh i love reading both sides *giggles*

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