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“I need to find Emmy a Japanese School Girl costume” was the statement I heard Derek make while he and Garbanzo were watching some Japanese horror flick. “You’d look hot!” he yelled to me from the living room.

This began an interesting discussion between the two of them and started the active quest for finding one by Derek.  That and a pair of stripper heels.  I have shown him I have stripper heels, but he says they are unacceptable.  They aren’t spiky enough. 

I was out the other day looking for a dress for DJ’s Halloween costume at a thrift store when I walked by it. It was a skirt – a skirt that screamed Catholic school girl.  A quick search, and I found the perfect, too tight, white shirt to go with it. I came home, put them on with my heels, and snapped a few pictures with my built-in web cam on my Mac, so I could send them to Garbanzo.  A Tease, if you will.  His response after sending him the pictures: “Is that a Japanese School Girl Outfit? Going trick-or-treating like that? Or just in the bedroom.” When I told him just the bedroom, he responded favorably.

Garbanzo and I don’t role play. Role playing has always seemed goofy to me and reminded me of way too many training sessions at work that are awkward and weird.  But, for some reason, this has brought it all out for us.

He wants me in the kitchen wearing it so he can molest me as I cook.

He told me how he wants to bend me over the bed while wearing it, pull down my panties, and fuck me. 

He told me he wanted to lift my skirt, put me over his knee and spank me.

He wants me on my knees in front of him with his cock in my mouth.

I suspect there will be more pictures of me in this outfit next week.

Go over to wish the incredibly lovely and sexy Veronica a Happy Birthday!!
Happy Birthday, Veronica! xoxoxo

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Or check out OHNT for some more who might be playing. You never know who you might find 😉

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  1. Osbasso says:

    I think I’m looking forward to next week already! 🙂

  2. I’m wearing a school girl skirt on the plane tomorrow! I think they’re sexy as hell. As are you!

  3. Vixen says:

    Oh Emmy…… So I was *in love* with that first pic. THEN I scrolled down and OH FUCKING GOOD LORD woman!!!!

    The HOTNESS…..

  4. southerngirl says:

    It doesn’t get much sexier…


  5. Can’t go wrong with a school girl outfit, it’s always a winner! 🙂

  6. 13messages says:

    I’m so smitten.

  7. Secretia says:

    That Japanese school girl costume makes the teachers crazy I bet.

  8. Oh so wonderfully HAWT. Lucky Garbanzo, and lucky us for getting a peek!

  9. Why don’t I ever find a hot woman like you, wearing a skirt just like this and just around my neighborhood? Darn!!

    Super super hot!

  10. Oh, my lawd. I’m just going to second Vixen’s comment. Because really, how can you say that any better??? *fans myself*

  11. Hubman says:

    Role play is sooooo much fun, you gotta stop thinking about work-training types of role play, which admittedly sucks!

    Looking good as ever!

    Happy HNT

  12. Thanks for the birthday wishes. You look very hot in that outfit. I am sure that Garbanzo and others will
    appreciate it.

  13. NY Diva says:

    Great outfit, I love playing dress up. 😉

  14. There’s something very sexy about a school girl outfit – and they were right, you do look hot!

    —Amy xxxx

  15. Mmmm, school girl skirt. I don’t get into a lot of those role playing scenarios but the school girl thing is sooo hot. I had my school girl skirt ripped beyond repair by an over-enthusiastic girl and have yet to replace it. I think I def need a new one.

    You look HOT by the way. That first picture is beautiful. Happy HNT!

  16. omfg that is hot. i bought a school girl skirt once.. at a bargain shop we have here. and its come in QUITE handy 😉

    i love the pics and i cant wait to see more.

  17. Sugarmag says:

    Ooh great outfit! You look hot!

  18. To paraphrase a Red Stripe commercial: Halloween and school girl outfits, helping sexy people role play for over 70 years…Hooray sexy people!

  19. Can ya blame him? Very sexy!!!!! Can’t wait to see more!

  20. Looks like role plzy is working out well!

  21. Fucking HOT Emmy!

    My hubby is going to flip out when he sees this 🙂


  22. Jade says:

    Oh I certainly hope there are more pics of you in that outfit! Yumm!


  23. wifegonebad says:

    Steaming hot Emmy! I’ve been wanting to find a naughty Catholic schoolgirl outfit too – you’ve inspired me!

  24. Phew! Sexy. Going with knee socks and pigtails to complete the look? 😉 HHNT!

  25. bookbinder says:

    There’s never been a hotter school girl than this. WOW!

  26. frances says:

    damn! i never looked that sexy and i WAS a catholic school girl…

  27. Ms Scarlett says:

    Well, my goodness….. shots like that’ll get you sent to the principal’s office! HOT!!


  28. Just me... says:

    Excellent ‘costume’ and excellent pics!!
    Enjoy!! :):)

  29. Cheeks says:

    I’m with you on the roleplaying thang… it feels silly. That being said – dressing up can be lots and lots of fun.

    #emmysbutt looks fantastic! =)

  30. not much on role playing myself either – hubby wouldn’t and couldn’t !!!! ha it is funny just to think about really.

    But, with you – I bet he would and could 😉

    my my my that first pic is the kicker for me.

  31. You look oh so sexy in that costume! Looking forward to more next week!

  32. autumn says:

    oh you have soooooo got the look down. hot little red skirt and i’m with vixen. you had me at the first picture.

  33. Elle says:

    Wow, what legs! And that outfit… You know, turns out in my HNT, I’m wearing socks that’d go great with your outfit!

  34. Vixen says:

    I used you Emmy…. In a fun way 😉

    LOL over on my site. xo

  35. rage says:

    Ummm, that is totally HOT girl! Rock it like you do!

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