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This is what I wore under my dress before meeting up with Confessor X last Saturday night.  Garbanzo finally got me to buy a pair of boots.

Dear Babeland,
Thank you for having such a large selection of lubricants for us to test. The ability to feel each kind, understand exactly thanks to your easy-to-read coding system, the ability to see what the lube should or should not be used for, and for the variety of packaging options for which to purchase the lube.  The brand (Liquid Silk) we purchased was perfect for the night.  It is now our favorite (and to be fair, Entice wasn’t a bad choice either).

Also, thank you for your vast toy selection also on display and ready for testing.  Vibrators have usually annoyed me in the past which is why I haven’t owned any until now.  But I found one that, as I discovered, is not only good for solo play but also playing with a friend.  The toy I purchased gets two enthusiastic thumbs-up from me.  Oh, and after getting to touch and handle a glass dildo, I want one.  Had I known how exactly how easy it was to get the vibrator through security, I may have purchased one this trip.  I am hoping Naughty Santa will remember me this Christmas.

And, lastly, thank you for having such a wonderful storefront.  The staff was friendly, educated, and quite helpful.  During the sale of the vibrator, the woman made sure I knew exactly what kind of material it was.  Told me that despite the label, don’t submerge it, and gave me verbal and written cleaning instructions.  What a nice contrast to other sex shops where the staff knows how to operate the registers – and that’s about it.

Your store has always been my go-to online place given the amount of info you have on your site, but I will now be making special trips to visit your store in the future.


Dear Condom-Manufacturer-That-Shall-Remain-Nameless,
We will not be buying your condoms again. If memory serves correctly, we encountered 5 of your condoms that would not unroll properly.  Once, I can understand. Twice, it’s a fluke.  But 5 times??!  Really?? 

Condoms can already be one of those show slower during the action anyway.  A necessary evil with an unintended side effect.  But imagine having a fucked up condom making the process of putting it on even worse.  Now, multiply that by 5. Yeah, not fun.

The only thing I am happy for is the fact we all have a sense of humor.  We all laughed about it – I mean, 5 times – all you can do is laugh at the absurdity of it all.

So, I will not be buying your brand again.  In fact, I will be tossing the rest of them to avoid encountering any further issues in the future.  The math mathematician in me knows that my chance of encountering this issue is the same on each condom, but  I’m not taking chances.


Dear Confessor X,
Holy hell was that night fucking hot. 

I loved spending the day sending you little text messages and pictures of what was to come. That all day build up was quite nice.

And, then the passion that erupted the minute I opened the door.  The passionate kiss, the groping hands.  The surprise of what was under my dress. I figured you finding the corset and crotchless panties would definitely crank things up a bit. 

But, you played it quite well, you tease.  Asking to see what I bought at Babeland. Then proceeding to add it to our foreplay.  Between your mouth, your fingers and that vibrator, I’m surprised you didn’t leave me in a puddle on the bed right at the start.

One of the things kept me going; I wanted to taste you.  You laying back on the bed and me between your legs taking your cock into my mouth….feeling it grow harder as I moved my mouth up and down, taking it deeper.  Hearing you moan – and seeing the pleasure in your face, just kept things progressing forward until you came….God, you are sexy when you cum!  And taste you, I did.

Then the attention you paid to my nipples.  Garbanzo kept kissing me to keep my quiet. He was afraid there would be a knock at the door with someone complaining.   Hell, even you made a comment about hearing how vocal I was getting. 

Finally Garbanzo gave me his cock as you gave more attention to my pussy – and I thought I was in heaven.  But conspired against – I mean, Garbanzo kept making sure that vibrator was handy for whenever you wanted it.  Between your mouth, your hands and that vibrator, I don’t know how many times I came.

Having you lean back so I could suck your cock as Garbanzo fucked me from behind was an amazing feeling.  A fantasy discussed that was fulfilled.  Then, he slid inside my ass while I was doing it.  Fantasy number 2 discussed and fulfilled. Then we had our brief DP….we’ll need to practice that one again.  As Garbanzo said, we will have to watch more porn to figure out positioning and such. Fantasy #3 was partially fulfilled though.

I loved having you participate as Garbanzo finished fucking me. You video taping it as well. Your comments. Your enthusiasm. Definitely added to the sexual energy between Garbanzo and me.

And when you and I fucked, it was like we had fucked many times before.  I don’t think you and I ever discussed my exact favorite positions, but you hit each and every one of them.

It was too bad the night had to end.  We were having too much fun, but you had to go.  As I said in my text message to you later, we need to get together again.


Dear Seattle,
Thank you for letting your basketball team move away. Because of this, my chances of seeing Confessor X as he comes down to see a basketball game is quite great. While I know many Seattle fans miss the Sonics, I am grateful. 


Dear NBA,
Thank you for your lengthy basketball season. 82 games is a great number for your teams to play.  It definitely increases my chances of seeing Confessor X again in the future.

and, finally,
Dear Garbanzo,
Thank you for a wonderful weekend! I don’t know who was teasing me more on Saturday, you or X.  But, when you decided on Friday night after we met up with X that I would not be fucked until the next night by you either, I knew it was going to be a long, sexually frustrating day and night.

I love how well you know how to play with me. Thank you for playing with me this past weekend. I love you!

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  1. sleepless in seattle looking at this HOTT pic!

  2. He paid attention to your nipples?? I would have been in HEAVEN. My nipples are my *spot*. Sigh.

    And you, my dear, are one hot piece of ass. i wouldn’t have been able to keep my hands off you, either! So, uh, when you comin’ to Florida? 😉

  3. Confessor X says:

    Has it been 4 days since our night??? A trip to Portland is in order, whatcha think???

  4. that is the best thank you letter ever. I am visual after all and most thank you letters do NOT include a pic- especially one like THAT!

  5. Vixen says:


    Ok, it just got VERY hot in here.

    Those boots *rock* (thank you Garbonzo for talking her into those). Pic is incredible.

    But your letter to Confessor X? Excuse me while I go catch my breath….


  6. Daniel says:

    Mmm, great outfit! I’m a well-known sucker for corset-y things. 🙂

    Thanks for the lube tips, we’ll have to check those out I think.

    Lucky Confessor! Lucky Garbanzo. Lucky you. 🙂

    Happy HNT.


  7. Amber says:

    Wow. I dunno if I’m more impressed by the thank you letters, or that friggin sexy pic!

  8. Qetesh says:

    Wow, that was super hot!! Thank you so much for sharing!

  9. You look absolutely amazing, no wonder they couldn’t keep their hands off you! And those boots are fab!

    Sounds like you had a pretty amazing time, I’m so jealous!

    —Amy xxxx

  10. I love that corset you’re wearing. I’m sure it was a pleasant surprise for Confessor. HHNT.

  11. Hubman says:

    Woohoo! For the picture and for getting your DP fantasy fulfilled!

    Happy HNT!

  12. NY Diva says:

    A simple “wow” does not do this enough justice, but I’m not sure I can manage more than that until I catch my breath. 🙂

  13. Topaz says:

    Great letters! Paints the perfect picture… and good job on those boots!

  14. Great photo and letters. Please let us know which vibrator you bought.


  15. Very hot and I am so looking for some sexy boot too 🙂

  16. garbonzo says:

    You look(ed) so sexy! What a great night!!!

  17. whoa. i dont know whats hotter, the letter to conx or the pic.

    holy hotness batman

    HHNT xo

  18. OKay that was a little panting reading. Glad you had a good time. Those boots are pretty rockin!

  19. Sexy from top to bottom! Love the new boots…HHNT!

  20. wifegonebad says:

    Ummm where to begin – just absolute hotness from picture to words…and I love the boots!

  21. frances says:

    i’m so entirely jealous! nicely done. thanks for sharing.

  22. Sexy PTA Mom says:

    Oh, just, YUM!! All of it, YUM!! So happy for you and him, and him!! 🙂 And you look delicious!!!

  23. figleaf says:

    Cool post, Emmy, and a great photo! One more good reason to see the Sonics leave town. (Another is more reliable evening parking near Seattle Center.)


  24. Confessor X is Nate McMillin? OMG thats…awesome!

    Oh, and nice boots too 🙂

  25. And you should name the condom manufacturer. Public service and all. And don’t insist it was magnum just to brag :-p

  26. Cheeks says:

    Oh my…. *grins*

  27. Elle says:

    I’m speechless at both the picture, and the story told by those letters :O

    Holy HOT!

  28. Just me... says:

    Excellent pic!
    As for the rest, between the letters and my imagination…
    WHEW!!!! :):):)

  29. WHEW!!!!!

    hot pic, znd sounds like good times!

  30. Secretia says:

    Very elegant and sexy.

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