Flying Away

Usually when I think about flying, I get all panicky. I have to play mental games with myself to keep any sort of panic attack at bay. I get stressed. I have issues keeping my mind away from all of the “what if” scenarios. It’s a fucking nightmare – especially for someone like me – someone who hates losing that level of self control. I lose control over my emotions and mental well being – or so it seems.

We leave for Seattle via airplane today. So far, none of the crap. I think the only momentary panic I’ve had is when Derek came home from school not feeling well. My impulse was “no – I can’t get sick!!”

Maybe I want this weekend so bad that an airplane isn’t going to stop me from having it. We’re staying in a hotel right there on the pier – a hotel we walked by when visiting Seattle in May and meeting up with Hubman and Veronica. I remember walking by it the night we were walking along the pier and thinking “that would be a cool place to stay”.  Of course, I never got the name of the hotel.  Turns out, I accidentally booked us there.  I guess it was meant to be.

Maybe I’m looking forward to wandering around Pike Market with Garbanzo.  Maybe even visiting the Sci-Fi museum so he can properly view it. (I’ll take a book since Garbanzo has to read ALL of the signs…every last one of them!) We’ll see if we can find some of the great shops we found last time. Or we’ll just relax and enjoy a cup of coffee and people watch.  The weather is supposed to be clear but 35 degrees at night with it not even reaching 60 degrees during the day.

Maybe I’m looking forward to using the Babeland gift certificate Derek gave us for our anniversary.  I do have a couple of ideas. Which surprised even me given how vast our toy collection is.

Maybe I’m looking forward to meeting up with a blogger while we are there.  For drinks, maybe dinner, and hopefully some fun back at our hotel – the three of us.  (Mental note: go to Babeland before hand.)

Maybe I’m looking forward to spending the weekend with Garbanzo.  Being adults versus Moe and Poe as our kids refer to us.  Being able to sleep in. Not worry about rushing to soccer games or other kid events. Having our third couples getaway in a year.  I think that’s a record for us. 

I guess, in the end, it is all of these things. I’m looking forward to the destination more than the journey.  I am hoping that this feeling holds.  That the excitement gets me there and back.

Time will tell.

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  1. Hubman says:

    Veronica and I fucked up and never wished you a happy anniversary, did we? We suck…

    Have fun at the SciFi museum 😉 You mean Garbonzo didn’t appreciate our speed-tour of the place?

    And have fun with your blogger friend!

    Oh, one other thing. You ever look out the window of a plane and wonder “how the fuck is this thing staying in the air?” Nah, me neither 😉

  2. I always have a list of things I MIGHT do when we get away for a husband-wife weekend. But I’m always secretly hoping we never leave the hotel (and if I’m really lucky the room!). I don’t care if it does make the transportation charges silly!

    Have a great weekend and have faith in Bernoulli.

  3. Vixen says:

    You guys have SO MUCH FUN!!!! I look fwd to hearing about some of your fun 🙂

  4. Just me... says:

    With you on the flying thing..
    But, it’s a necessary evil!!
    Have a great weekend!! :):)

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