Day 284 – Bored

After the soccer games and I did some painting, the girls declared they were bored. And they were fighting. Why? Because Indigo thinks its funny to get her sister angry, and DJ plays a great victim. After getting sick of listening to them, I told them to each grab a juice box and a snack and to get into the car.

The next 30 minutes were spent with DJ singing at the top of her lungs as we drove out of Portland & Indigo asking, begging and pleading to know where we were going. As I drove, I realized how much we suck as parents. We have never taken them the Old Columbia Gorge Road. They have not seen the view point or the water falls. I remedied this today.

They enjoyed seeing all of these places. It was funny watching Indigo’s face when she rounded the bend on the trail and caught sight of the first waterfall. She saw it before DJ, her eyes got big, and her mouth turned up in a huge smile. In true Indigo fashion, she wanted to know if we could go through it.

Oh, and I should explain the leaves in front of the girls’ faces. We found these huge leaves on the trail down to see one of the falls. I made a comment that they were bigger than their heads, so the girls held them up to see. DJ decided they would make great masks for Halloween. Does make for an interesting idea…

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  1. Hubman says:

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  2. Oh my god, where you live is so so beautiful. I am so jealous, those are phenomenal pictures! I would so go there every time I was bored!

    —Amy xxxx

  3. Dana says:

    The Columbia Gorge is – IMHO – most beautiful in the fall! Great shots – I especially enjoyed the pictures of the leaves … ummm … girls!

  4. NY Diva says:

    Genius! I’m going to remember to do this if I’m ever a parent. 🙂

  5. Vixen says:

    Oh what a great idea! Beautiful and fun! Looks similar-ish to RMNP, I love to take the kiddos hiking/exploring up there.

  6. garbonzo says:

    That looked like so much fun! The girls looked like they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. Let’s all do this together soon!

  7. Secretia says:

    I had to make that ist waterfall into my computer background, it is so fine!

  8. Just me... says:

    All are lovely photos!! Including the ‘Invasion of the Leaf People’!
    However, that last one..
    It is absolutely gorgeous!!! :):)

  9. whoa! those are some BIG leaves. LOL i would have taken the exact same picture so show they were bigger then ones head also.. im a nut like that

    those are absolutely breathtaking hun. gorgeous

  10. RavenQuince says:

    Oh how your photos made me miss living on the west coast. Thanks for sharing.

  11. rage says:

    What beautiful and colorful pictures. Definitely an environment that I wouldn’t mind spending some time in.

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