Day 276 – Wine

A comment TheDirtySideofUs left on yesterday’s POD (picture of the day – I’m an IT person, I must speak in as many acronyms that only mean something to me as humanly possible).  They said, “There is nothing wrong with LOTS of beer pictures! You should see my wine pictures, and corks, and empty bottles I save!”

It got me thinking about how much people likely don’t know…, for example, we also like wine….

This is the wine in our dining room.  There are probably 20 bottles there at least.  Three are sparkling wine with the rest being a mix of whites and reds. 

And our wine cellar located in the basement.  There are  few other bottles on the other wine rack.  And yes, they are mostly tagged with the year and kind of wine.  I’m a bit anal retentive that way. 

Periodically, we have to check to make sure we don’t have a forgotten bottle.  Like in 2002, when Garbanzo and our friend discovered a 1998 bottle of Chardonnay from a local winery.  So, while I was pregnant, they decided to open it because “it’s probably bad anyway.”  To quote all that drank from the bottle, “it’s amazing!!”  Fuckers. No, I didn’t even have a sip.  I was also about 6 weeks away from having the baby, which makes what they did even a greater sin. 

The word in the local wine circles is that the 2007 Oregon Pinot is supposed to be amazing.  Guess we should start stashing some bottles now.  I do see some spaces.

Oh, and for the observant people, the wine cellar is located in this weird little room the previous owners made in the basement.  They should never have done any home remodeling or repair jobs.  I think I’ve mentioned that. But, you can see a great example as to why in this picture.  We haven’t fixed it because it is in the basement which is largely unfinished, there is no heat in that part of the basement, the doorway they left I don’t think will fit a door, and they pretty much fucked it up to the point where it will all need to be redone.  And, I’m sure when we rip off the drywall, we’ll see their shitty framing job as well.   Gotta love old houses.

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  1. We so wish we could have a wine cellar too but there are no basements in good old Florida. Anyway we have a red wine cabinet that holds 32 bottle (it’s half empty right now) we have the new wine cooler hubby just bought me that holds 20 bottles of my whites and then we have a couple of counter wine racks that hold some with really cool labels and ones we picked up here and there.

    I save all my wine corks! and we even save some empty bottles from special occasions.

    We are wine freaks….

  2. I love wine. I’m too lazy to be much of an afficiabafo though. I buy wine. Then I drink it. Way too much temp variation here to save it without significant expense. Mmmmm wine.

  3. Just me... says:

    Just getting into wines (ala Agnostic).. So far, I have a ‘collection’ of about 5 bottles.. But like RL, I tend to drink the ones I like.. :):)
    As for their ‘home improvements’ in the basement.. I only really worry about the wiring.. :):)

  4. garbonzo says:

    Better than my remodeling jobs. Wish we had the money to finish the basement. Saw the neighbor’s basement and got jealous. Maybe i should drink more wine to relieve the jealousy.

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