The Laptop Story

A couple years ago now, I bought my husband a laptop of his own.  The idea was he would stay off of mine (I don’t share computers well being I’m a computer geek who likes my stuff a certain way) – and he could use it for school.  The school desktop he was issued was a piece of shit – and I was sick of trying to make it run faster. 

I got him a nice black MacBook.  He was happy as was I.

A few months later for our anniversary, I got him a digital camera.  I had already purchased my digital SLR, and he wanted something he could throw into a pocket and take with him.  Perfect present.

There are plenty of naked pictures of us floating around between his computer and mine.  Mine are mostly on an external hard drive hidden deep into the file system. 

Garbanzo – he was using iPhoto.  Great app – that likes to display everything right there on the screen.  Nothing is easily hidden when you use that one.

It was a day, where I believe, we had spent the day in bed.  He had take the day off of school, I was off of work, he had gotten a sub, and we sent the kids off to school like good parents.  Then came back home and fell back into bed.  It had been a while since we had had any alone time, so this was a perfect way to make up for it.

I made a comment at one point about where his laptop was.  “Oh, it’s easier to show movies on my laptop than on the school one – so I left it there.”

“WHAT?!  You left your laptop with a sub and a room full of middle school students??”

It was like that feeling was a bit of foreshadowing.  One mis-click – and God only knows what would be seen – projected in front of the class.

We got to the school to pick up the kids for taekwondo.  And, his former rugby mate and teacher’s aide is acting funny.  Like, really, funny.  He mentions there was an issue with the movie, but he took care of it.  He’s giving me odd glances.

I’m not feeling great about this situation.  Something happened.  I knew it.  I wanted the hell out of there.

I should remind readers that my husband teaches at a tiny school. The parents are very close – very chatty – and very influential over which teachers are in or out of favor each year.  Anything that happens in this school will be found out – and spread like wildfire.  And not only does Garbanzo teach there but both of our kids attend school there too.

I leave the room.  I just want to grab stuff, get the kids, and leave.  I’m not liking the vibe I’m getting from the few people we have talked to.  I almost don’t want to know – I have a feeling what has happened, and I just don’t want to hear it.

Garbanzo comes outside and is freaking out.  He’s asking repeatedly what he should do.  Basically his rugby mate has confirmed my suspicions….the kids got on his computer – and clicked the wrong place.

He went and told his principal what had happened.  He is a friend as well as boss.  And, the principal’s son has created many similar situations for his dad over his time at the school, so he knew there would be a degree of sympathy.

Garbanzo had to go find the sub.  He had to find out what was seen and how much and by whom.  He had to question any other adults in the room. 

At this point, I’m having visions of Garbanzo on the evening news. I could hear it: “Local middle school teacher shows naked pictures of his wife to his class while out of the classroom…”  Fuck.

In the end, he finds out the sub and two boys are the only ones who saw anything.  The projector wasn’t on thankfully.  And when the sub saw it, she closed the laptop and got his rugby mate to fix it. 

Final result:

  • Two seventh grade boys saw my ass. 
  • Garbanzo was given a formal warning for bad judgment that put the district at risk.
  • Garbanzo was asked if he wanted to pursue disciplinary actions against the boys for accessing his personal property without his permission.  (This is what saved his ass – no pun intended.) Garbanzo declined.

A couple days later, the boys asked about what they had seen.  Garbanzo said they had seen something they weren’t supposed to see, and asked them why they were on his computer in the first place.  They stammered and stuttered and admitted they were screwing around.  Case closed.

Oh, and Garbanzo now has software on his machine to password protect the pictures.  Only problem – he can’t find and move the files himself.  Damn iPhoto software.

Garbanzo does have his own district issued laptop now…..but as you saw the other day, he doesn’t necessarily use it.  I think I’ll be snagging it this weekend and making sure that all of his “naughty files” are in the secure, password protected folder.  While the 7th grade boys probably got off on seeing my ass, I am not going through that horror again.

Oh, and I’m going to introduce to him another trick: a password on his computer.  A girl can’t be too careful. 🙂

Last thing: if you have naked pictures you want to protect, I did a post on how to do it  here

Update: Garbanzo has assured me he is no longer hooking up his laptop to the projector.  He’s using the school laptop.  Thank God! 🙂

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  1. Just me... says:

    Used to keep, um,’incriminating files’ on a 16G flashdrive hooked to my keychain.. Until the day the very-computer-challenged CD took my car to be serviced and left the whole set of keys with the garage.. Overnight..
    Since then, and until I got my own password protected laptop, the drive was hooked to the inside of my purse… :):):)
    One can never be too careful!!

  2. Cheeks says:

    I’ve always been a little hesitant on taking dirty pictures. We have an old polaroid camera that was nice for that for awhile, but we’ve never put anything on digital. A teeny part of me is worried that I’ll like it too much and then…. well, it could be a slippery slope to buying some masks and posting unspeakable acts on pornhub!. *grins* In other words, I know I lack discipline.

    I’m glad the fallout wasn’t too bad. And on the upside, you know that you’ve provided lots of material for the spank bank for those 7th grade boys. I bet they will never forget Mr. Garbanzo’s hot wife! 😉

  3. rage says:

    So were you totally pissed or did you take it pretty well?

    Being an IT person too, I understand the need to have some sort of password and/or encryption on the lappie.

    I would’ve liked to see the hot pictures though!

  4. Vixen says:

    I *love* iPhoto but it does have it’s downfalls in regards to what I keep it full of. *ahem*

    My computer is one I would NEVER open in front of company. *snort*

    I’m glad it ended up better than it might have. But GROAN………..

  5. Lilly says:

    Oh jeezus, I’d be freakin out and reacting like you did. That awful sick-to-your-stomach feeling of dread and doom.

    I’m glad it wasn’t as bad as it could have been!!!

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