HNT – Surprises

Garbanzo told a pretty story last week.  About a box arriving with an outfit, and a woman who seduces her professor husband with it.

The story is kind of, barely true.

I came home early from work – we had an appointment at the bank to see if it made sense to refinance our house.  I was happy I had arrived before the box.  In fact, it arrived soon after I got home.

“What did you get?” was what Garbanzo asked.
“Come in the bedroom and find out” was my response.

I opened the box and started unwrapping the corset.  Garbanzo has been trying to get me into one forever, and I found one I liked.  When I held it up, his jaw hit the floor. 

“Put it on” is what he demanded.
“Patience” was my reply as I unwrapped the rest.

A pair of crotchless panties and fishnet stockings completed the ensemble.

“Put them on now so I can ravish you.”
Did I mention that Garbanzo has had a fantasy about fishnets for forever?

Mr Impatient started undressing me.

“We have to be at the bank in an hour – and you promised me lunch,” I reminded.
“Fuck lunch – put them on!”  He was serious – usually I’m the one to use the word fuck.

I changed into the corset.  He had to help which he more than obliged.

“Where’s your camera?”
“On the dining room table.  Why?”
“Wait here.”  Where did he think I would go.

He took pictures as I put the pieces on.  He kept telling me what he wanted me to wear later when he fucked me.  Finally, I started to undress much to his dismay – we did have an appointment to make. 

We went to the bank, answered the nice man’s questions, and, when he left his office to go get something, Garbanzo leaned over and whispered in my ear, “I expect you in that outfit again later, because I’m fucking you in it.”

Oh, okay. Like I was going to protest!

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  1. Vixen says:

    Oh. Um. WOW.

    Seriously. You have left me speechless. That is one of *THE* hottest outfits I have seen in a loooooooong ass time.

    *fans self*


  2. southerngirl says:


    so nice, stockings are above and beyond!!!


  3. Osbasso says:

    Good for you!!!!

    I think all sorts of people are going to like this!

    I suppose I should officiallly do this, too:
    Welcome to HNT!

  4. HOLY HOLY HOLY oh my girl! The story made the pic twice as hot – which I didn’t think possible!

    The only thing hotter would have been to wear it to the bank under a modest dress 😉

  5. DAMN LADY! I love me some fishnet stockings. So does my guy, lol.

    You look GREAT, no wonder Garbanzo couldn’t wait to get you back home. 😉 Happy HNT!

  6. Lapis Ruber says:

    What a treat he had and will have 🙂 Happy HNT.

  7. This is very very hot!


  8. Hubman says:

    Surprises are good, especially this kind!

    Happy HNT!

  9. Cheeks says:

    I loved hearing about his reaction… it’s not surprising, that is a hawt outfit! I love the picture – very tasteful and super sexy. =)

  10. Just me... says:

    I will mirror Cheeks response.. Very tasteful and super sexy..
    Bet that outfit drove garbonzo crazy!! :):):)

  11. Confessor X says:

    Hot story, damn sxxxy pic and for me, its all about the strap that’s hugging the top part of your left thigh…gorgeous HNT sweetie.

  12. garbonzo says:

    Absolutely gorgeous. You look amazing!!!! HHNT!!!

  13. Wow. That is one hot pic.

  14. Vixen says:

    Hey girlie, I featured you in my Friday Favorites. It’s a weekly feature I run. I was having site issues this morning and just making it around to let you know.

    Have a great wkend! xoxo

  15. hot stuff, my dear

    check that, HOTT stuff

    welcome to the HNT party!

    belated greetings

  16. Karl says:

    Your quite the catch in fishnet!

  17. That is SO fun! I love that story and that he captured you putting the final touch to your outfit on!

    Great shot!

    Happy late HNT!

  18. Lilly says:

    Hot damn mama! From what I can see you made a wonderful choice!!

  19. wifegonebad says:

    WOW! The picture alone is hot enough but with that story…smoking hot.

    HNT is fun, no? 🙂

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