Days 265 thru 267 – The Coast

No, I haven’t disappeared.  We were invited to our friends’ beach house this weekend located on the Oregon coast.  Where I thought it was versus where it was meant unexpectantly having no Internet access (or very VERY spotty) and absolutely no cell coverage.  While this is great in many respects, it kind of fucks up ones ability to post daily pictures on the blog.

So, you are getting a smattering of pictures from those three days.

Where we stayed was near an island where pelicans congregate before flying south to Mexico. There were a LOT of pelicans flying around the beach. These pictures almost look fake given the contrast of them to the ocean.

This green sludge is actually the reminents of an ancient forest. Many years ago, a huge storm eroded away sand revealing the old stumps of trees. The stumps when the tide is low reveals neat pools similar to the tide pools where rocks are the little microcisms. 

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  1. that is beautiful. another place I have not been (sigh). Sometimes a little down time restores your mind.

  2. Just me... says:

    Your photos are breath-taking.. And they don’t look fake at all. They look like they were taken by someone with an eye for photography..
    Hey!! Whaddaya know!?
    They were!! :):):)~

  3. Dana says:

    The Oregon Coast is – by far – my favorite coast! I’ve been up and down the east and west coasts, and even spent some time in Hawaii, but nothing can compare to the rugged beauty of the Oregon Coast.

    Thank you for sharing these.

  4. garbonzo says:

    That was a wonderful and beautiful place. We must go back soon!

  5. Cheeks says:

    So, so, so beautiful. Think your friends would invite me for the weekend? Really good pictures, too. Nice work!

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