Day 269 – Clean Desk Club

My desk….the cleanest it has ever been.  Except for when they erected the cube….yes, Hubman and Lion, I said ‘erect’.  😉

I feel bad for the Facilities Manager, aka Grizzly Adams. He has been left to clean up about 100 cubes and engineering labs after people have left them in shambles. I like the guy (plus, I’m not convinced he won’t eventually go nuts and find everyone where they sleep), so I’m doing my part to not contribute to the mess.

It’s pretty sad when my 14 years at this company can fit into three boxes. Two boxes of which are books. I have filled up about 5 recycling boxes full of files and such that I’ve acquired over the past 5 years as my superiors have left. There really isn’t anything to pass along because, surprisingly enough, I believe in keeping things electronically. I know, I know…crazy that an IT people shun paper for technology. Just makes storage a little easier.

Today, people started getting sappy on me. A guy who started soon after I did as a manufacturing support engineer (aka Gopher for the manufacturing production line) sought me out to tell me he wasn’t letting me leave. “You can’t leave; we need you!” was his exact plea. He and I worked closely together throughout the years. We have a lot of respect for each other. I truly didn’t expect him to seek me out to say that. I was pleasantly surprised.

Surprise #2 came in the form on a consultant-turned-employee. He brought me a card and wanted to make sure I knew how much he appreciated working me with me. I was quite floored. Here is one of the smartest guys at this company – a guy who I have learned a huge amount from – and he’s getting teary eyed at the fact I’m leaving.  His card was quite touching. “You are one of the few people at this company who could take a problem and drive it through to solution.”  He made it clear that this was a personal gesture. His gesture included a gift certificate to Amazon. I was humbled by his gesture.

I don’t feel bad at all that I’m being laid off. Truth be told, I’m not sure that this company will make it. And that makes me sad more than losing my job. My boss today told me she hopes she’s fired. She, like me, is not change averse. But she is feeling like there is way too much change with unrealistic expectations thrown in. We did agree today that maybe we should say fuck technology and be baristas. Work 6-2pm each day. Not have to worry about power outages that cannot be prevented because the company won’t fund it, but they will bitch that we weren’t able to figure out how to do it anyway. Or bitch because we introduced a major change, and there are some bumps. Yep, being a barista – I can do it.

I am working for the company as a contractor from now until the next of the year. Garbanzo has told me he wants me to work part time for a while. I have never gotten a break except for maternity leave while he has gone back to school, did weird temp work, and has summers off. He wants me to take my time. We’ll see how long that lasts.

Until then, I’m going to try to get through the next couple of days. I have my October goal – the half marathon I’m running before Halloween.  I’m hoping to pick up some contract work here and there. And, I’ll be enjoying my break.

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  1. I don’t know of what you speak. I thought it was some cool skateboarding lingo.

    I’ve often felt the allure of a simple job where you sort of know you’re done when you’re done and know immedieately if you did it right. Did the customer spit out his coffee? Did the house burn down when you turned on that light switch? Do the cable channels come in or not? Is that animal carcass still in the road? Eventually I realize that’s just as much an illusion of satisfaction as any other ‘grass is greener’ thought. Fun to think of though.

    And I hare paper. I can’t believe my bosses insist on keeping binder of excel and crystal printouts. I refuse.

  2. Shoot stoopid post button. I did want to add my condolances. I personally believe change is good. If you’ve been doing a job for 10 years you’ve likely Bern doing it wrong for 5 of em. But still is sad and scary and bittersweet to leave someplace you’re so comfortable with.

    Don’t forget to get wasted on your last day and burn bridges. That’s awesome!

  3. Osbasso says:

    I’m gonna miss that cubicle…

  4. Just me... says:

    From all facility managers/peeps everywhere.. God Bless you for not leaving a honking mess for your facility crew!!!!
    On a more personal note – I am certain that the people you worked with (the smart ones, anyway) will miss you like crazy!!! You were a major asset to that company. Your loss will be felt..
    Duh!! Why in the hell do you think they begged you to be a consultant!?!? :):)~
    Enjoy your break!!
    You’ve earned it!!!

  5. garbonzo says:

    I’m not sure if congratulations or condolences are in order, but either way, I love you.

    Take as much time as you need. Work as much or as little as you want. You have kept us on the straight and narrow financially, so we can make it just fine.

    So, take some time. Enjoy it. You deserve it.

  6. Listen yo your hubby take your time and enjoy it. Don’t rush inot something and then end up wishing you hadn’t.

  7. Vixen says:

    You made ME teary reading this (doh).

    Enjoy your time, sounds like you most certainly deserve it. 🙂

  8. Enjoy your time. I am sure you will relax for two or three whole days and then you will have a to do list the size of your arm and a wholesale club size box of garbage bags to tackle your basement.

  9. Hubman says:

    Hey, what’s with mentioning my name every time you use a word that could be construed as sexual? 😉

    Enjoy your time off!

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