Day 263 – Vices

Beer and coffee…..pretty sad when I went to the store – bought a salad, coffee, and beer. It was a long day – I earned a beer.  And to prevent a repeat of today, I made sure there was coffee in the morning. Sometimes it is the small things.

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  1. Just me... says:

    Honey, it’s always the small things..
    Those who neglect the small things often let it lead to the neglect of the big ones..
    You are not that person.. :):)

  2. I love buying stuff that makes the checker do a double-take. I especially live that I use my grandmothers Talphs card. I love imaginng their marketing people explaining why an 87 year old women needs tampex, condoms and gin, and AA batteries 🙂

    beer and coffee make a ton of sense together.

  3. rage says:

    My vices are energy drinks.

    I am thinking that when I am unemployed my vice will turn into alcohol.

    We should meet.

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