Day 259 – Strippers and Such

Before I start telling you about my fun with stripper, go see Amorous Rocker’s story.  It will be more interesting than mine, I promise.

“I have a headache. I’ve been playing with the stripper too much.”

I only wish that it was the good kind of strippers. 
Instead it was paint stripper.
Throw in some spackle, plywood and some sand paper, and it was the afternoon of fun.

Our house was built in 1917.  It’s a Craftsman style if you are familiar with architecture.  It was a rental for a while, then purchased by a couple of gay men who turned one of the rooms into a bondage room.  Oh, and they “remodeled” it themselves.  I use quotes around the word remodeled because we have pretty much redone all of their work in the past 10 years.

Like any old house of it’s age, the stairs going to the second floor are steep and narrow.  They had carpeted just the tops of the steps and painted the faces this beautiful color.  I’m sure it is a great color, but when the steps, kitchen, family room, stairwell, bathroom, and bedroom are all painted this color, you know it was a cheap deal they got.  I got pissed the other day when I tripped on the carpet on the tops of the steps again, and ripped it all out.  I like it better without – and it’s safer. The kids don’t learn new words from their Moe, and no one can fall down the steps. 

Narrow stairs result in dings in the wall as stuff is moved up and down it.  Thus the huge number of patch marks along the wall.

The door frame at the bottom of the steps has always been a problem.  Paint will not stay on it.  I found out today why?  Because the fuckers painted over the stained and lacquered wood.  And they didn’t prepare the wood before hand.  So, I stripped…..the wood…..

And Garbanzo, he worked on installing a floor in the attic.  We are going to be moving comics and other stuff up there for the extra storage.  He and Derek moving the wood up the stairs was interesting.  “Do you have my wood?”  or “I’m going to ease it in now.  Are you ready for it? Here it goes.”  Yeah, between me working with stripper and them with their wood, it has been a day where everyone’s mind is located squarely in the gutter.

Now, it’s time for beer and Chinese food.  We’re all tired and not in the mood to cook. 

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  1. Oh sure make me use the same joke twice. Not that I’m above it or nothing. But I’m not gonna.

    Hey those boxes look familiar!

  2. garbonzo says:

    Moving the comics to the attic means I have room for more comics downstairs! Woo Hoo!! It is a win-win situation!!

  3. Hubman says:

    Yeah, Amorous Rocker’s story was sexier 😉

    But Garbonzo and Derek are a bunch of hams, I can totally picture that scene.

  4. Hee hee…We need an attic for all of our comics, too. And the Star Wars toys.

    I do not envy the trek up the stairs.

  5. Just me... says:

    Love Craftsmen houses!! But you’re right.. They can be a ton of work!! Good luck with the refinishing!! :):)

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