Day 256 – And the rain came down…

Name that children’s book! 

Okay, not much of a challenge really.  It’s from Rain Came Down a book by the awesome (and award-winning) David Shannon.  It’s basically about how rain ruins a day, but sun saves it at the end.  Figured it was pretty appropriate for today in Portland.

I went for a bike ride and literally raced the rain home.  This is the view on my route. 

If you could see through the clouds, you would be able to see the hills of Forest Park.  You’d be able to see the river.  But instead you see the mist and the rain.  A reminder of winter’s impending arrival when this is the constant.  Ironically enough, it is supposed to be in the 80s over the weekend.  Not that I will be complaining.

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  1. bleck.

    i wish that is allwe got up here for winter. we get feet upon more feet of snow

  2. rage says:

    So cloudy and dark…

  3. Vixen says:

    I totally need to come to Portland someday bc this is how I think of Portland. As in….always. LOL

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