Day 248 – First Day of School

Before I get to the pictures of the day, please go over and read Garbanzo’s account of what happened in our house tonight.  Let’s just say it involves the phrase “using the word stealing is criminalizing the child”.  It involved DJ, 4 10-yr old boys, a theft of a bike, and a confrontation between Garbanzo and the kids.  Nothing like a little neighborhood drama to get the blood stirring before dinner.

Now onto the fun part of today.  Taking the three of these guys to school.  Their first day of school.

I have a freaking 4th grader!! How did that happen?!  It freaks Garbanzo out more because DJ has hit the age of kids he has taught most of his career.  It’s about to make his head explode.

Indigo started 1st grade. And the big guy in the middle is Garbanzo my middle school….er….teacher.  The big excitement for him was when he was notified that one of his students is Korean – and speaks very little, if any, English.  He was drilling our kids for Korean phrases.  They learn some pretty useful ones. Wonder if the fact we are using their taekwondo education allows us to claim it as a classroom expense on our taxes? Hmm…

Throughout the school year, I will be taking pictures of Garbanzo’s desk.  Here is what it looks like on Day 1 of the school year. 

You can see the top of his desk.  Let’s all see how long it takes before it disappears.  Anyone care to lay bets?  And, he’s using his personal laptop again.  Maybe I’ll share the story of what happened last year that makes me fearful of the fact he’s using his laptop.  I never shared it because, well, it was a bit too raw for me at the time.

Lastly, I leave you with a picture of what it looked like this morning – foggy….really foggy….

I love Oregon.

What do you think?

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