Avoiding a Nightmare

I woke up from a horrible dream the other night – a dream that my brother found my blog.

While I am not too harsh on my family, I do vent about them on the blog.  And, I know that even though they are able to take what I say in person; they would not take it well if they found it in writing. 

In my dream, I discovered he found it through web site analytics.  I like to see where people are coming from in reading my blog, so had looked at them in my dream.  And had an “oh-shit” moment.  I could tell how far into the blog he had gone in his reading – and he had gone far.

In my dream, my first course of action was to make my blog private.  I knew he’d want to show the family, so I figure taking access away would be the correct first step.  Then I frantically started locking other things they could use to learn more about my blog and me.  I can still recall each step I wanted/needed to do to contain the situation.  I woke up with the urge to follow the action plan I made in my dreams.  I will have to commend my unconscious self as I had totally laid out the right plan.

It doesn’t take a genius to sort out where the dream was coming from.  I’m putting myself out here in new and exciting ways – and I’m afraid it will come back to bite me in the ass.

I guess I stress a bit about this because my sister-in-law found me on Twitter about a year ago.  Recently, when I started using it again, I blocked her.  She clearly had not been using it – didn’t have more than a couple of followers and no tweets.  My cover story if she ever asks will be that I meant to block someone else because I get a ton of spam followers.  I doubt she’ll ever notice.

So, I have separated my blogger life from my real life – at least from a technology perspective.  Doing it will allow me to sleep at night.  And, ensure they don’t find me very easily.  I still have my picture on things.  But, am not too worried there.  Funny how the mind works.

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  1. I’m guessing you’re not alone in this fear. I know I share it.

    In general though while the very existance of my blog could lead to uhmmm discussions. I try hard to avoid ‘venting’. If I say it or type it, I’ll own it. If it was unfair, I try to own that too. But I rarely say anything until I believe it’s fair. And then I rarely apologize. God! How does anyone put up with me?!

  2. Lilly says:

    Oh yeah, there’s people I would not want to have find my blog! Once, while at work, I freaked the hell out because a new commenter signed his name as the exact name of a co-worker who is 3 cubes down. And friends with my supervisor.

    It took me and R about 3 hours to uncover that it was just a fluke. But holy hell the heart-racing fear!

    It’s easy for someone to find your twitter stream – when you first sign up, it lets you pick an address book, say Yahoo, Gmail, etc. I figured this out when R joined twitter and added both my personal gmail and my blog gmail account. With my personal one he got to the ToySwap twitter account – this is what made me wonder because I wondered why on EARTH he would follow that one or how he’d have known it was me.


    It’s getting harder to be sneaky on these intarwebz.

  3. This is why I have my secret blog identity! I too would freak if any family or non blog friends found my blog.

  4. Just me... says:

    Just thinking.. The newer ‘format’ may have given you a feeling of being more vulnerable, hence the dream.. But never fear, there’s so much on the internet, I’m certain that, combined with the steps you’ve recently taken to separate your identities, should bring you peace of mind.. :):)
    FYI – Loving the new ‘format’!! :):)

  5. Vixen says:

    Your nightmare happened to me IRL. In my ‘last’ life, during a very nasty separation/divorce, my exH told my ILs (that I was *very* close to) of my blog (which he knew/was highly displeased of) and led them to it.

    To which they then printed off the entire two years of it and handed out copies to anyone they could convince to read it, including my parents (my mother refused, which I am grateful for). This was in hopes of ‘incriminating’ me. Which, if my exH hasn’t had his head so far up his ass might have seen that the one it incriminated the most was him, it portrayed him as the asshat he truly was.

    I took most of that blog down and had to abandon it. Very difficult time in my life. Took quite awhile to recover from that. Sad how vindictive some people can be.

    I do think it’s wise sometimes to keep your blogger life separate from RL. I try. But I also try to be ‘me’ as best I can on both. I do think anyone who tries to keep something completely secret from another person(s) always runs the chance of being discovered.

    Life. Ya know?


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