An Auction and An Awkward Encounter

Hubman and Veronica often describe swinging and the secret-keeping that goes along with it as sort of an “honor amongst thieves”. 

Soon after we started, this got put to the test.

You see, it started with a weird moment at the parents association’s annual school auction.  We had spent our allotted budget that night, so I was waiting to pay for what we won.  A group of parent volunteers had been acting as cashiers, and I had been chatting with one of moms as they figured out a an item we won as a gift to our daughter’s teacher.  Her shift was ending, and she was replaced by a dad. 

I had never met this dad.  He is good looking and flirty.  Boy, was he flirty.  And checking out my cleavage.  I was wearing my v-necked cashmere sweater.  And, yes, my tits looked good – but I’m also a teacher’s wife – EVERYONE knows who I am.  And, the other volunteers who were sitting next to him – parents I know well as they have kids who are friends of our daughters.  So the flirting, the glances at my cleavage, and all were starting to get a bit uncomfortable.

It was one of those encounters that started making me wonder – had he seen our profile on one of the sites?

At first I played along with his flirting.  I was being nice, and like I said, he was good looking.  But, the other parents were starting to notice, so I took my leave by volunteering to go and talk with the group tabulating the auction items to find out what’s happening. 

I told Garbanzo about this incident later.  We laughed it off assuming it was a new parent who maybe didn’t know I was his wife.  Nothing to worry about.

About a month later, we were invited by a couple we were seeing to visit a local lifestyles club.  We were talking and people watching when Garbanzo turned beet read and sat back in the booth.

“That’s the parent.”
“What?” as I look around.

Who did I see? I see the same dad.  He has brought a date to this place.  A date that clearly did not quite understand what this place was judging by her body language.

The couple we were with immediately offered to leave.  They could tell it was uncomfortable.  I told the story as to why I found it ironic and a bit funny, but Garbanzo was clearly uncomfortable.

And, it became clear that the parent recognized Garbanzo as well.

Yes, he’s a teacher with a morality clause in his contract.  But, it was bigger than that.  He didn’t really know the parent.  And their school is small – like really small.  And, some are willing to throw themselves under the bus to have the good gossip about someone – especially a teacher or staff member.

The night went downhill from there – even though he and his date ultimately left.  (While they left, we were once again chuckling at the fact this was likely going to be his last date with the woman because she was not looking very happy.)  In the end,  this did not have nearly the impact on our “date” as much as the fact it had become quite clear that the male half of the couple wasn’t quite into this idea like the female half.  So, we called it a night.

Since then, we have spent quite a bit of time trying to figure out who this dad is.  Would he honor his fellow thieves by keeping our secrets?

A few nights ago, while eating dinner between the taekwondo classes, I got a text message while in the restroom.  “Swinger Dad is here.”


Sure enough, there he was.

“Is that so-and-so from your class?” Garbanzo asks one of the kids.
“Yeah, that’s Seth.  He’s been in my class since kindergarten.”

Garbanzo and I just chuckle to ourselves.  It all fell into place now.  Here I was hoping it was the dad of a kid in a different grade and different class.  Nope. No such luck.

Wonder when back to school night is?  And, I hope his son doesn’t sit next to my daughter in the classroom.  That could make back-to-school night really interesting!  And, since Garbanzo will be doing his own back-to-school presentation for parents, I’ll be handling this one on my own.

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  1. Dana says:

    Ahhh … this is why I don’t like secrets that require mutual secretiveness (is that a word?). You just never know, and there is so very much at stake in situations like this …

  2. 13messages says:

    Yikes. We’re extra careful for the same reasons. I hope he’s cool.

  3. Vixen says:


    This is like my *worst* nightmare…..

    I hope he keeps cool about the whole thing. Talk about uncomfortable!

  4. Emmy says:

    Dana – I agree with you about having a second party involved in the secret keeping. As a control freak, it drives me nuts.

    13Messages & Vixen – I’m actually not too worried about this situation. He is thankfully not one of the gossipy types at the school and keeps his interactions to those types to a minimum. Hell, he’s been a parent in our daughter’s class & we didn’t know him. Plus his son and our daughter are actually friends. Given the kind of dad I’ve seen he is, I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t do that to his kid or someone else’s kid.

  5. Whoa!

    Obviously the next time you see him you need to seduce him into doing something uber-kinky. Take pictures. Preferably video with audio of him saying something like, ‘please master let me taste you gooey brown goodness.’. THEN we’ll see who’s in control.

    Do you think I watch too much Fox?

  6. I always worry about running into clients at lifestyle events. It’s bound to happen eventually, I just don’t know what I’ll do when it does!

  7. Hubman says:

    Have fun at back to school night 😀

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