A Real Corset

Garbanzo had leaned over to me as we walked around the local pirate festival and whispered, “Look! Corsets!”

I bought a lingerie one a few weeks ago. I told the story and showed a picture. But, being at the pirate festival surrounded by women wearing corsets as part of their costumes, he wanted me to get me into a real one. Garbanzo has been trying for years to get me into a corset. And, I knew, this would be the year I would be getting one.  I had already crossed into the territory.

Earlier in our walking around, Garbanzo had spotted the place he wanted me to go for my real corset.  So, he led me there.

We walked into the tent and started looking around.  I finally asked him which style he liked, and he pointed at the ones on the far end.  They were called Vixen corsets. 

“Try one on,” he prodded.
“I know nothing about sizing or anything; I can’t just try one on.”

He turned to one of the three woman working there and said, “When you have a second, could you help my wife?”

She came around him and I was blown away. Goth, if done right, is beautiful.  And she had done it right.  Long dark hair with red strands weaved into it – partially pulled back.  Dark eyes that made her blue eyes stand out even more.  Cherry red lips and a little lip ring.  Certain piercings like this one usually don’t look good to me, but she wore it well.

Throw in the insane leather boots high heeled boots – and the ensemble she was wearing including a killer corset, and I was happy she was the one helping.

I stood in front of her – and she asked if I knew my size.
“No idea.”  She asked if I had ever worn a real corset. No was my answer again.

Goth Girl came up close to me and looks at my breasts.  Then, she put her hands on my waist and ran them up until they were beside my breasts and back down to my hips.  When her hands had reached my hips, she looked at me and said “I think you are a 32 – let me see what we have left.”

No measuring tape, no nothing.  Just felt me up to get the size.

She searched until she found a 32, then had me slip it on over my shirt.  I was wearing a running shirt which meant it was form fitting – perfect for a corset fitting, as I would soon find out.

The laces were in the front of the corset, so she started lacing it up.

“The first couple of times wearing a corset is a little weird, but I’m sure you’ll get used to it by the third time.”

She readjusted my breasts so that the corset underneath correctly.  I was bit surprised by her boldness.  While she deals with corsets a lot, I had seen her helping a couple of women earlier – and she did not act so bold with either of those women.

I took a breath in, and as I exhaled, she pulled it close & tied it.
“This will give you a good idea of how it will look. But this one won’t work – it’s too big on you.”

Too big, I thought?  Really?  She could see my confused look – and explained that it laced together perfectly.  This means if I lose weight or change shape – it will be too big. Better to be too small than too big. 

She searched around a bit more as I stood there in front of the mirror looking at myself in this corset.  I was actually a bit stunned really.  I had to admit – it looked good.  Garbanzo is standing there with a large grin on his face. 

“You look great!!” was his only explanation for it.

Goth Girl came back with another corset of the same style.  “I wondered if you could fit into a 30, but I’m usually off a bit.  I bet this will be perfect compared to the other one.”

I put on the new corset, and she started lacing it.  “This color looks fabulous against your skin. I think it is a better choice.”

You could tell she was excited as she continued to talk: “I hope you aren’t planning to wear this just to these types of things.  You can wear them with anything.  I wear mine everywhere – even to school.”

I could totally picture her going into class wearing jeans, those boots and that corset over a shirt.  All eyes would definitely be on her.  Or at least my eyes would be.

“You can wear it anywhere really – and over anything. But,” she looked up at me and paused in her lacing, “wear it over some lingerie. You’d definitely look great that way.”  Then she gave me a little grin.

“Yeah, I’m sure I’ll be doing that,” I said as I returned her grin.

She continued lacing me into the corset, then started pulling the laces tighter.  Between the flirting and the heat outside and the lack of oxygen I was feeling, I was a bit dizzy.  She carefully worked on tightening it section by section until she tied the ribbons at the bottom.

She stood back up and said, “Oh yeah, that’s the perfect size and color. Go take a look.”

I went over the mirror and looked.  Damn, she had cinched me up tight.  Holy damn! Look at my figure.  She came up behind me and admired her work.  Then adjusted it a bit more for me. 

Garbanzo says to her, “She’ll take it.”
She grinned and started unlacing me. 
She got everything ready and bagged.
As I was signing my receipt, she started helping another reluctant woman who was dragged in there by her husband. 
As I left, I could see she was not being as well take care of as I was.

Oh, and Garbanzo, after all of this, said to me “You should have gotten her number. She was totally flirting with you.”

Yeah, maybe I should have. 😉


Because several people yesterday mentioned possibly getting a corset, I thought I would tell you where I got mine.  The woman who makes these corsets does sell them online.  I’m actually really impressed with how well they are made. And, I was told if ever anything happens where a grommet comes loose, stitches start to come apart, or even if I need it taken in – I just ship it back to her.  This is one of the reasons I usually will go with a small business versus a large.  They stand behind their work.

Her shop is called Damsel in the Dress.
Check her out if you are so inclined!

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  1. Very sexy there. Perhaps you can wear it to job interviews.

  2. 13messages says:

    You look fantastic. Thanks for sharing the story.

  3. Just me... says:

    Have had a ‘made-for-wearing-just-a minute’ corset but love the look of this one!!
    Thanks for the link!! 🙂

  4. that is lovely. and you should have gotten her number 😉

  5. Cheeks says:

    Oh my… =)

    Garbanzo surely enjoyed watching the Goth Girl fit you properly. Hawt story!

  6. I suddenly want a corset… but only if she helps 😉

  7. It is a beautiful corset and looks great on you. Thanks for the info as to who made it. I am gonna check them out since I want another new corset lately.

  8. autumn says:

    oh emmy! that’s gorgeous. she was right to choose a size down. it looks beautiful and i bet even better with something lacey under it. 😉

    you can always go back and flirt with her some more, then get her number. just sayin.

  9. rage says:

    I would have to agree with your hubby. Me thinks she had a crush on you. I am thinking you had a crush on her too. 🙂

    I really enjoyed reading this post.

  10. Kimberly says:

    Her number? Totally should have…

    Sounds like a fun day!

  11. Vixen says:

    Goth done right is TOTALLY hot. I have a friend who pulls it off perfectly and to say I have a huge crush on her would be an understatement. 😉

    I got a new corset this summer at the Renaissance Festival and the girl who helped me was the same way. And while I love the way it feels when my husband laces me up, it is quite erotic to have a hot, flirty chick doing it.

    Looks great on you!

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