Things I’ve Been Enjoying Lately

Full disclosure: I stole this idea from Ryan at This is Reverb.  He’s a minister who is a dad, pastor for a small church, cook, photographer and just a neat guy.  His blog, while I’m talking him up, is an interesting combination of things in his life.

So, here are things I’ve been enjoying lately….

  • Hanging out with people who bring out the person I am.  Sounds odd, but not everyone gets to see the true, unfiltered Emmy.  Most see the dialed back version.  (Not everyone, surprisingly enough, has my sense of humor – so I have to ease into it so that I don’t offend.)  You tap into the unfiltered me and watch out.  Two people have been doing it late – one happens to be Derek.  (I should mention you get a pretty good taste of it on here.)
  • Using exercise as escape.  I have found that going on a bike ride or for a run gives me 30-60 minutes of time just to think.  No kids wanting attention.  No one to distract me from anything.  Just me.  
  • My Kindle….and Amazon will likely be sending me a thank you letter after their quarterly revenue increases from all of the books I’ve been buying.  
  • Veggies – going out to the farm on Sauvie Island with the girls and getting veggies each Sunday has been a lot of fun.  And, have I mentioned how cheap it is compared to some of the stores? That was a pleasant surprise.  After finding the veggies, we all go get some freshly roasted corn on the cob.  Yum.
  • Watching DJ around the chickens.  They have decided she is one of them, I think, with the way they mingle with her.  I also love how interested she is in the whole egg thing.  She wants so badly to see the chicken actually lay an egg.  I love how into science, nature, and animals she is.
  • Cuddling with Indigo while watching cartoons.  She has been wanting some of that kind of attention again. It is nice to see she hasn’t totally grown out of it yet.
  • Enjoying the 1×1 time Garbanzo and I have been getting.  We have really been bad about this in the past.  I’m happy we have turned that corner and are making that time for each other now. Plus, it has been fun going out and doing new things with him – planning dates, etc.
  • Listening to the chickens outside our bedroom and living room windows.  There is something soothing about listening to them.  At 6am when they want out of the coop and are making tons of noise – not so much – but all other times are great.
  • Supporting small, family owned businesses by giving them my business.  While I don’t like seeing my own company fail, I would rather not see a family who has invested everything they own fail during this economic downturn.  I like chatting with the owners, I like learning how they got started & how they are doing, and I know giving them my money keeps their dream alive.  
  • Watching QI (Quite Interesting) – a British television show where Stephen Fry asks a panel of well known Brits and occasional American questions about science, history, art, music, etc.  Points are given to those who get the questions right, but points are also awarded to anyone giving an incorrect, but quite interesting answer.  It is fucking hilarious!  I have not laughed so hard in my life.  Why won’t we be seeing it in the US even on BBC America?  Because they don’t believe American’s are smart enough to appreciate it.  I suspect all of my readers would totally appreciate it and find it just as interesting and funny as we do. 

What are some things you’ve been enjoying lately?

What do you think?

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