Mr Chatty Goes Away

I have never been one to bitch about a peer to our mutual boss.  Even as a peon doing Help Desk stuff, I tended to let people make their own impression and come to their own conclusions.  That being said, I would never prop someone up un-necessarily or create a situation where I can swoop in to be the hero thus making them look like an idiot.  I have always believed that the truth will eventually get out.

Mr Chatty has made it VERY hard.  Knowing that I am not the only one who is driven crazy by the guy has given me a glimmer of hope that eventually our boss would see it.

And, she did.

Quickly on the heels of this inkling she had about Mr Chatty, the Aussie was brought on board.  This guy is someone who has worked with her several times for network design, data center moves, and various other IT Ops stuff.  She brought him in as a person to coordinate the building move – the day they lay off the rest of us is the day they want to move into a new building.  Well planned, huh?

The Aussie is a smart guy.  In about 20 minutes, he had Mr Chatty nailed.  By the end of day 3, he was done with Mr Chatty.  And, during that time, he was getting more handed to him thus making Mr Chatty a bit more psycho than normal.

Yesterday, our boss was approached by several people who were not happy with Mr Chatty.  They have decided he was a bitter man who was not adding value, was creating unnecessary work & roadblocks, and was not the kind of attitude we need to make the transition to the new company successful.  And, this feedback came from people who have very little interaction with the guy.

She mentioned to me today that she was going to have to have a chat with him.  This had finally become a big problem.  Yesterday, I should mention, I told Mr Chatty off in front of the Aussie and our boss.  Our project has been hinging on another company getting their job done.  He had finally received word that it was done, but he was going to “sit on the news for a couple of days to make the project team squirm.”  Being part of said project team, I told him he was going to march next door and tell the guys so they can proceed with their work.  This had been holding things up.  He said he was just going to sit on it.  So, I told him he would not play petty games at the expense of the project and to march his ass next door and tell them everything was ready for them.  He got mad, but did it.  Our boss kind of sat there dumbfounded – then thanked me for forcing the issue with him.  I shook my head and walked out.

So, between this and that, she’s decided to talk to him.  Great first step (long overdue).

I am talking to a guy who works for him today, and he makes a comment….a comment that made me obligated to ask about it.  Clearly the guy needed to vent, I had some time, so I pull him into the IT workroom.  Turns out this guy has gone to HR and Legal about Mr Chatty.  He is about ready to give the company the finger and walk out.  This guy is one of those perfect employees.  Hardworking, nice to people, good problem solver, so the fact he is driven to this point is pretty shocking. 

He gives me a list of items – no direction, no information, no vacations, no help, no nothing.  In fact, things seem to be hidden from them.  Mr Chatty is deliberately keeping them in the dark about why things are the way they are or being done for the reasons they are being done.  These are senior guys – they aren’t newbies.  They ask good questions which warrants answers.  Instead, they are getting the run around. 

Also, he has been implying that the odd instructions are coming from our boss.  This is very untrue.  Mr Chatty is responsible for his own crazy.  Also, he keeps implying that all of this is also a result of poor planning – not of him, but of others. Me, the consulting company, etc.  Kind of setting up a situation where the world is against his team, and his job is to protect them.  Not the case either.  Also he has created some of the issues that have resulted in outages due to his inability to listen to these guys.  In all cases, they said it would happen – and SURPRISE – it did. 

I had to take this back to the boss.  One of the guys she has been hoping to extend won’t do it because of this situation.  He feels like the company has fucked him over, and he isn’t feeling too supported by the boss.  I asked him what he has done to get her involved.  Or hell, get me involved.  I asked if I did nor did not have a proven track record with him and his coworkers on resolving issues like this.  He conceded he did – and that he should have done it months ago.

The boss, as I expected, was not thrilled.  He is making his team look like poor performers.  He is making all of our consolidation plans completely behind schedule.  Also, she has given clear direction which she is pissed is getting muddled by him as a power play.  Lastly, she is angry at how he is treating his employees.  Mr Chatty already put in for his two weeks of vacation – vacation that will take his vacation balance down to zero before he leaves.  She is pissed that he is deliberately making shit up to keep his employees from doing the same.  

As I left for my afternoon appointment, she was going to visit HR.  She wants him out the door ASAP. The Aussie may be taking over which, in my opinion, is great.  I like the guy (and not just because of his sexy accent or the fact he doesn’t appear to have the foot fetish that Mr Chatty does).  He’s smart, has a plan and is executing to it.  In other words, he doesn’t just talk about what he’s going to do – he does it.  Amazing – a guy who actually does his fucking job! 

So, we shall see what the timeline for Mr Chatty’s departure is.  I’m glad it’s happened finally. Just wish it would have all come to a head sooner, but better late than never, I guess.

Oh, and I should mention – that despite the fact his team went to HR, HR did nothing about it proving once again that they are idiots.  They kept saying it was a personality conflict.  Yeah, they should have spent about 5 minutes with Mr Chatty.  They would have had a different opinion had they.  Oh, well.

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  1. Just me... says:

    It always amazes me how the ‘mr. chattys’ keep themselves employed.. But, the business climate now is such that they are getting ‘outted’ in corporations everywhere.. You just wonder what is to become of them all??
    I guess there is always gov’t work.. :):)~~

  2. As an HR person, they probably had the following conversation with the manager.

    “So, lets pull Mr. Chatty’s file.”
    Pulls file, “Yep, good reviews, no disciplinary action and your telling me now that he’s been a pain in the ass and has to go?

    Mmmmkay, why don’t you try making it work first and then we can start the disciplinary procedure and get rid of him.

    Or the HR people could be idiots.

  3. Sexy PTA Mom says:

    Uggh! This guy sounds like a nightmare. I’m guessing they need some concrete examples of lies he’s told to get rid of him, unless you live in an at-will employment state.

  4. Emmy says:

    I think the boss missed her 6-month probationary period with him. (He is relatively new, so HR likely doesn’t have a file containing more than his new hire paperwork.)

    And, Oregon is at-will-employment – but we will likely just lay him off because it’s easier even if it does cost the company more money.

    Oh, and ironically enough, he is thinking about becoming a government contractor. Yeah…scary.

  5. rage says:

    Our Mr. Chatty gets away with murder.

    My boss has a foot-fetish. He also has no spine and happens to be good friends with Mr. Chatty.


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