Day 234 – Killers

(Warning: the last picture can be a bit disturbing especially if you have a mouse phobia. Might want to skip the last one.)

I have two killers in the family:

This one is the killer inside of the house:
***Image had to be removed***
His kill numbers have hit the double digits today.  I’m glad Garbanzo, while hate killing anything, has an obsession with getting rid of all of the mice.  I don’t know why, but mice in the house just freak me out.  But, clearly we are on the downward side of the issue….assuming, of course, we can get the dogs to stop finding the traps and licking the peanut butter off of them. Damn dogs.

And this one is killing outside of the house:

Garbanzo just deposits them in the trash – no walking around showing everyone his kills.

My cat, on the other hand, she has displayed her kill prominently on the sidewalk. 

Remember my warning above…..

This is what the cat left for me at the top of the steps coming up to our yard.  Oh, and I would like to understand how I always end up with the cats that feel they must bring me back and proudly display their kills for me.  The dead squirrel really did me in with my cat growing up.  Yes, he killed me a squirrel!

Fucking rodents!

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  1. Just me... says:

    That scowl would scare me off the place!! :):)
    I almost pity the mice he finds!!

  2. did you jump on a chair and scream MOUSE while you fanned your skirt to shoo them away?

  3. I love how Garbanzo looks so bad ass in that photo!

  4. garbonzo says:

    ASM: I look badass in every shot! It is the kilt that does it!

  5. Emmy says:

    Really, that’s his “stop taking my fucking picture” look.

    It is also the look he gives students.

  6. rage says:

    Remind me to never piss off Garbanzo!

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