Day 233 – Monday Dinner

Monday, in case you haven’t picked this up yet, is taekwondo night.  It is the night when the girls have a class with about an hour break in between – a break that is enough time for dinner.  Once a week, I make the trek from my work to taekwondo – a treacherous one given the freeways I have to take to get there.  But, we try to eat together – that is the goal in addition to watching the girls’ taekwondo skills.

We usually go to the little Vegan Thai Restaurant where Garbanzo has befriended the owners.  But, our eating out has gotten a wee bit out of control lately, so I suggest he bring dinner.  There is a small grassy area near a fountain where we could eat.

He went with his Plow Man’s Meal.  When in England with his Grandfather when he was a teenager, his Grandfather introduced him to these meals that consist of a hunk of bread, spicy mustard, chutney, an apple, and various cheeses.  They also threw in the occasional pickled veggie.  The idea behind this rustic fare was it could easily be tossed into a lunch pail, and taken into the fields to be eaten. 

I don’t really care what it is – I love how he pulls it together.  We will usually add a salad to it – or raw veggies – a nice white wine – maybe some salami or other cured meat.  The kids love the way we toss it all in the middle and everyone grazes.  No formality – just casually sitting around enjoying a meal.  And watching as everyone assembles their meals. 

It was perfect.

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  1. That looks yummy! I love that type of meal.

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