Day 231 – Hard Labor

I hate wild geraniums – a very invasive weed around these parts.  The leaves look just like regular geranium plants, but they are a lot more annoying.  I went outside today and discovered that overnight, or so it seemed, they took over the backyard.  When you see the wild geranium but not he grass, you know what chore you will have.

I spent 4-5 hours weeding them out of the backyard.  And, I am happy to say I’m about 80% done.  I finally decided I was tired, my hands were sore, and it was time to lay in the hammock and have a well deserved beer. 

And while I was weeding, the contractor Garbanzo had found for installing the attic stairs was installing two of the four windows on the south side of the second floor of our house.  We all held our breath a bit as he fit in the first window.  Built in 1917, our house has true measurements for things – not the modern day versions of it.  For example, all 2x4s in our house are truly 2×4…not just short as is common today.

The windows fit perfectly!  PERFECTLY!  In fact, he commented that we will not have the weathering issues we had with the other windows because these are the exact right size.  As he got the other windows out, you can see how they were installed, while technically correctly, in not the ideal way for the house to ensure proper weather proofing. 

This contractor is so freaking conscientious about his work too.  The only other person we saw work like this was Sharky – Garbanzo’s rugby coach.  She was very anal retentive when it came to her work.  And, so is this guy.  And, he is a cheap date. I know I will be making a list of other things we need to have done by a professional to see if he’s interested.  Good contractors are hard to find.

Oh, and a funny story.  Garbanzo is talking to the contractor’s assistant about the chickens.  The guy was interested in how they were with bug control in the garden, etc.  Garbanzo was proudly showing off his knowledge of chickens before he goes off to get molding for the inside framing.

They get back, and I hear Garbanzo exclaim – “YOU HAVE KANGAROOS!!”  I guess the assistant has kangaroos.  Garbanzo felt a bit stupid acting all big about keeping urban chickens to a guy who has kangaroos – an animal a bit more impressive than the chicken.  The guy laughs a bit and shrugs it off.  I guess when you have had kangaroos like he has, chickens do seem exciting in comparison.

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    Congrats on the windows!! :):):)

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