Day 218 – Picking Peaches

Or at least, it was supposed to be picking peaches.

At about 3:30pm, I declared it was time to get out of the house and do something. Garbanzo had done a 24 mile bike ride followed by a 4 mile run in preparation for his triathlon, so the morning and early afternoon were a wash. Indigo has been on house arrest since last night, so I spent the morning and early afternoon giving her chores to do.

I’ll be honest; I was annoyed today. Annoyed that I pulled a muscle that was making it difficult for me to walk up and down stairs. Annoyed that I wouldn’t be able to run. Annoyed that my friend, an athletic trainer, advised me not to do anything with it for another day. So, I was trying to stay busy and active without aggravating my pulled muscle. I did a fairly good job, but by 3:30pm, I was done.

But, as we soon discovered, peach picking places were closed by the time we arrived on Sauvie Island. We went, instead, to a family owned veggie place on the island. The family is actually a school family, so we were happy to give them business. While Garbanzo got in line to pay, I took pictures of their gardens.

And, when the girls and I met Garbanzo on his way to the car, he presented me with this:

Captured by Porches Red Emma Amber Ale. Not just one jar but two. They only keg their beers, but a couple times a week, they come to this place and sell jars of their beers. It is quite good. Definitely a good way to end a Sunday afternoon!

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  1. i love how you are holding it, like it is the source of your powers!

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