Wow! I realized that today was the first day that I did not have anything scheduled to post.  The past couple of weeks, I have been staging a lot of posts.  I think I went for a while where I had about 3-4 days scheduled, so any new ideas were just added to the schedule.  It was nice while it lasted especially since I’ve been doing the 365 Project.  Instead of a post and a picture, I have just been able to focus on the picture.  That has been really nice.

Today begins, what I am hoping, is my last week of the 12 hour days.  Damn East Coast Time and the partners who are headquartered there!  I guess I should be glad I’m not trying to do this Hawaii. We had some good momentum last week, so I’ve got my fingers crossed it continues through this week.  After this week, we start the cut-over to the new system. I should have a week of normal work until we get through that week.  My task during that time will be making sure the internal team keeps their shit together because, have I mentioned, if they don’t, we’ll be working over Labor Day Weekend?  Yeah, I will personally be making sure that doesn’t happen.

Got pulled into some family drama by my brother’s girlfriend this weekend.  It was kind of funny though – her not thinking about the message she’s sending.  My brother had given me a couple of checks paying back the loan I gave him.  Garbanzo deposited them as well as some others on Friday.  Saturday, I get this nasty message from her.  Someone doesn’t balance her checkbook.  Guess who was overdrawn by a LOT?  And, I was getting blamed for it.  I called my brother to find out what if I should go into hiding because she’s going to kill me or what.  He told me not to worry about it – that it was their issue not mine.  My response: yeah, it is.  I’m sure I’m now being bitched about to all with ears.  I can only hope it comes my way so I can point that out to them.

Finally got the Tivo thing worked out.  The software upgrade that occurred early Sunday morning fixed the issue.  We can now watch Netflix stuff on the Tivo.  Garbanzo is now a believer that this was a good idea.  Prior to that, he was kind of in the “cautiously optimistic” mode.  Now, he’s online queuing up things he wants to watch.

I do need to make it up to Garbanzo tonight.  I totally passed out last night before he even made it to bed.  I seem to recall him apologizing over and over again for not knowing I was going to sleep or else he would have come to bed sooner.  I was exhausted.  Early to bed for us tonight.

Hope everyone has a good Monday….if such a thing is possible! 🙂

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  1. Just me... says:

    I love it when people screw themselves over and then want to blame someone else for the problem… It’s just so freakin’ mature.. :):):)

  2. Anonymous says:

    Mondays just fucking suck! Thanx for watching the IT Crowd last night! I love that show.

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