When Zombies Attack

copyright ©2003-2009 Sam Javanrouh

Our roommate Derek is in possession of more Wii games than we have.  And, that’s pretty amazing since I don’t think he has his own Wii, but is reliant on others to let him play his games.  The girls love it because they get to play his cool games.  He has Dance Dance Revolution, a karaoke game, and many other kid friendly games.  Periodically he will declare it time to play Wii, grab the girls, and spend hours playing Wii with them.

Recently, he came home with a new game – a non-kid friendly game: Resident Evil.   It has zombies in it, if you are unfamiliar with the games, movies, books, stories and comics.  (If you are unfamiliar, no worries – so am I).

When he first got it, he played it alone in the house and ended up freaking himself out.  Each time the dogs would move around or another random noise would occur, he would jump and wonder if the zombies were coming to get him.  He finally had to stop playing because it was getting too jumpy.

A few nights ago, we were out with friends and came home about 11-ish.  While Garbanzo went to check on his chickens to make sure they were in for the night, I walked up to the door.  All of the lights in the front of the house were on: living room, dining room, kitchen – overhead lights and lamps.  I thought that was odd until I looked in the picture window.

Sitting on the ottoman about two feet from the TV is Derek playing Resident Evil.  His body language told me he was totally into the game and was getting freaked out.  I was faced with a choice.  I could go out, make sure I made a lot of noise so that he would know we were home.

Or I could scare the hell out of him?

Yeah, I scared the hell out of him.

I pounded on the window as I’m standing in the center of it.  He twists around quickly, mouth agape, about ready to scream.  Then he realized it was me – and gave met he finger while yelling “fuck you!”

Then he got up, came to the door, and threatened not to let me in the house – until he realized I had a key.

I wish I had had my camera or the foresight of having my iPhone ready because it would have made for a great picture.

I’ll have to have Indigo sneak into his room while saying “braaaaiiiiiinnnssss, brrrraaaaiiiinnnsss”.  She does a great zombie impression.  Or maybe find a zombie puppet.  Derek loves puppets.  Or maybe a zombie puppet clown!  Hmmm…..

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  1. Anonymous says:

    you know ottoman is a funny word you covent witch! wink wink!


  2. Emmy says:

    Only when you are sitting on it, does Ottoman become a funny word, Derek! 😉

  3. Osbasso says:

    You are a cruel, evil person.

    I love it!

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