Tuesday Randomness


Wow! This post is starting off good.  Just accidently published it without any body of the post.  Happy Tuesday to me!  If this is how the day is starting, maybe I should go back to bed.  🙂

I started doing a post about work yesterday and decided not to use it.  Why?  Because I feel I come across as too much of a bitch. (There is a fine line even for me.) Work has been weird for good reason, and I have no patience for those who are taking their layoff notification personally.  I feel they are trying to stir the pot and keep people in the “angry” part of their coping.  Additionally, if the company cuts around 66% of its workforce, how can it still be a personal attack?  Especially when you look around and see people on it that shock the hell out of you?  Don’t you start wondering if, maybe, it was not personal?  Just a thought.

I have decided that I like having Derek around and not only because he makes a good cabana boy.  It is nice having someone around who can do something so over the top that you can’t help but laugh.  It takes levity out of situations.  For example, when the girls are being tired and drama queens, he will join in but his act will end in a death scene in the living room.  By the time he is done and laying there sprawled on the floor, the girls are looking at each other like “wow, is that how we’ve been acting”….then laugh, then go do something else.  It’s nice to have someone in the house who can easily break things up like that without threatening harsh action like we as parents have to do.

Poor Garbanzo though is learning that having another adult in the house means there is another witness.  The other afternoon, Garbanzo was working on creating business cards for his podcast and asked me a question that didn’t sound right.  I repeated it back to him to which his reply was “that’s not what I said.”  A bit of an “yes it was, no it wasn’t started”, then Derek came over to me, put his arm around me and said to Garbanzo “that’s exactly what you said – and it confused me too. So there! You’re outnumbered!  And we’re forming our own coven.”  To which Garbanzo replied, “of bitches”.  Then Derek said something about stealing his wife and running off with her to be closer to Garbanzo.  Our conversations in the house are definitely more lively more frequently than they used to be.

We almost had a chicken tragedy the other day. I have never seen Indigo get so freaked out either.  The chickens were wandering in our front yard (the girls left the gate open), and Harry (the black dog) ran out and tried to grab one of them.  Indigo screamed “Harry had Miss Money Penny” over and over again as she ran to hide (she couldn’t watch).  We suspect that her reaction shocked Harry into not grabbing her, because both chickens were fine.  When Harry came back in the house and saw me, he knew he was in deep shit.  He quickly ran into the bathroom where he sleeps and hid.  Meanwhile Bob is prancing around trying to figure out what he missed.  Both chickens were fine. We got a lesson in why you close the cage.  And, validation that Harry will definitely be the dog that kills a chicken if given the chance. After all had settled down, I took the still clinging to me Indigo who had jumped into my arms during her freak out outside to show her everything was okay.  And I encouraged her to not run away next time but smack the dog up along side the head.  Seems to be the only thing that will bring him out of his “must kill” mentality.  Fucking dog.

Here is the contrast of our dogs – when we were doing the massive yard work, the gates were wide open as we were hauling yard debris.  So Bob went into the front yard and laid down watching.  No leash, no wandering off, and no other issues.  Hell, he didn’t even go bother the chickens.  He just stayed near Garbanzo or me.  I guess their coloring (Bob is more white and angelic, and Harry is black and more evil) are quick reminders of their personalities.

Have a good Tuesday!

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