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Over the weekend, an envelope arrived to the house with “DO NOT BEND” written all over it.  Garbanzo immediately hands it to me.  While my name was on it, it just meant that he had used my Paypal account to buy something.  I asked what it was – and he said open it.  He had thought about saving it for Christmas (yes, my husband buys presents throughout the year for Christmas and birthdays), but decided I should have it now.

Not one to argue, I carefully opened it.

And found Erika Moen original art in it.  And stickers.  The stickers were hilarious.

I like the first one because …. why is there a chain?

But it was the illustrations that put me in an unusual role with a friend of ours – a very innocent friend of ours.  Garbanzo had gotten me these:

A collection of her Saints of Sex Toys.

Why was I the educator?  As I’m showing Derek who is also an Erika fan, our friend from college who is over for dinner comes up to see what we are looking at.  She points to the one in the lower left and asks “what’s that?”  A bullet vibrator.  Then she points another one to which I answer with what it is.  After that, she stopped asking.  I think it scared her that I knew what they all were – and she had no freaking clue.  What she doesn’t know is probably for the best.  I think about how many toys we have in this house – and I bet seeing them would make her head explode.

Maybe she got some ideas.  This is definitely someone who could use some spice in her life and a bit of vibrating stress relief, so I can only hope.  🙂

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  1. Dana says:

    Hmmm … maybe I should put one of those Saints of Sex Toys on the dash of my car? Think it would work??

  2. Emmy says:

    Kind of has me wondering a bit what a prayer to those Saints would sound like. Hmmm…..

  3. Just me... says:

    If lucky, that would be a prayer with a rousing crescendo at the end!!! A window-rattling-pictures-falling-off-the-wall-scaring-the-dogs-kind-of-prayer…
    Oh, I’m just making myself miserable now!! :):):))

  4. I love these. I’d love to know where to get them.

  5. Emmy says:

    Paige – I agree…i think it would definitely include those elements! 🙂

    The Peach Tart – you can find them on her shop. Here is the link:

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