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Sunday night, I went with Garbanzo’s friend Odin to see Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.  And, you, my lucky readers, get to endure my rant about it.  Yes, I am a geek.

Also, there will be spoilers, so if you want to be surprised because you’ve only seen the movies and haven’t read the books, I suggest you close your browser and go read the books.  They are much better.
I had mixed feelings about the movie.  I should explain that I am not one of these people who will always hate a movie that has been made from a beloved book series.  I understand the writer and director have a time limit – I just go in hoping they make a good movie.
This movie left me wondering how they are going get themselves out of the mess they have left the story.
Here’s why:
1. The Horcrux Mission:  In the book, Harry and Dumbledore spend a great deal of time reviewing Tom Riddle’s life.  The goal is for Harry to learn that Tom liked possessions – especially possessions with large historical meaning in the magic world.  After Dumbledore’s death, Harry has a list of items to find as they contain a horcrux.  Find the items, destroy the Horcrux, destroy Voldemort.  In the movie, he ends without the list and without the history of Tom Riddle’s life.  How on earth are they going to unearth that amongst everything else in the next movies?  Is Hermione going to steal the memories so they can do that part of the work during their journey?
2. Destroying the Horcrux: Again, the movie gives no basis for Harry to understand how a Horcrux is destroyed.  In the book, Harry knew how to destroy them; he just lacked the item used.  Big difference.
3. Harry doesn’t hate Snape enough: In the book, Harry learns that Snape is the one who tells Voldemort  about the prophecy which ultimately leads to the killing of his parents.  Not only does his angry and hatred for Snape grow, but he also understands more of how it all went down.   In the movie, none of that happens.  In fact, Snape and Harry have a little scene before the whole killing of Dumbledore occurs.  Kind of an interesting twist.  Also, in general, Harry and Snape don’t have the dynamic they have had in the prior movies.  While the hatred is there, it didn’t escalate like it should have.
4. What happened to Bill and Fleur??  In the book, you have to have the announcement of their marriage so you have their cottage in the pivotal turning point in the last book.  How are they going to explain this in the movie given there was no mention of Bill in it.  Also, they burned down the Burrow – the Weasley’s home?  Yes, magic can fix it, but …. when we last saw it, it was burning and everyone was watching.
5. Apparition anyone?  They totally left out the kids learning how to disappear and reappear.  In the book this is important as it sets up for all of the apparition that takes place in the last book.  Are we just going to assume they learned at some point?  This will be interesting to watch them explain.
I was happy they left some things in the movie, but kind of went “huh?” about a few other things.  I liked they left the Quidditch stuff in.  I liked they left the Slug Club in.  I also liked they left the Twins’ shop in the story as it was fun to see.
I did not like the fact there was no huge battle scene at the end.  The Death Eaters got in and got out pretty easily and without incident.  Kind of odd.  And a missed opportunity to show the kids were ready and willing to fight as a unified team which makes the last final battled in the last book more believable.  Why?  We’ve seen it before.
Did I like the movie?  I did.  Did I love it? Nope.  They could have done better with the story, in my opinion.
Any other opinions from those who have read the book and watched the movie??

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  1. I have never seen any of these movies but my boys have and love them. My oldest has only read a couple of the older books.

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