Day 204 – A Hot Sunday


In an attempt to cool off this evening, we took the kids to Jamison Square – a local park in the heart of downtown.  The park has a great water fountain where people are encouraged to play.

The television show Leverage is being shot in Portland right now.  Timothy Hutton can be spotted with his son throughout the city riding his bike from the set to his place in the Pearl district (which is where Jamison Square is located).   They were clearly filming today.  Must have been some sort of chase scene or something because they had a route cleared of extra cars and were escorting people across the intersection. This is the picture of one of the cameras I got as they were setting up.

DJ cooling off in the fountain and doing some sort of pose.

Garbanzo supervising the kids.

Dinner from our favorite pizza joint – HotLips Pizza.  It was a half ham, pear, and cheese; half corn, tomato, sweet onion, feta cheese, mozzarella cheese, pesto, and cilantro.  Great stuff.  For the record, Garbanzo and I had two pieces.  The girls each at three pieces.  Yes, I typed that correctly – three pieces. And, I should mention that I think Indigo has bar-tending in her future.  DJ told her to surprise her with a drink from the pizza place.  So, Indigo made her a coke, root beer, ice tea and sprint soda.  It wasn’t actually half bad.

Indigo showing off her injury from earlier today.  Let’s just say, she won’t be talking in front of someone swinging on the swings anytime soon.

Here is one of the totem poles around the park.  Sadly enough, after spending years of looking at them, I just truly saw the faces – the smiling one eyed face and the snarling two eyed face.  Yep, I’m a quick ones sometimes.

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  1. I’m glad the sprinklers didnt come on for you! looks like a great outing! Sorry i missed it!

  2. Just me... says:

    Great pics!! The pizza looks delish.. And looks like a good time was had by all.. With the possible exception of poor Indigo! She’s going to ‘tote’ that scrape for a few days!!

  3. Osbasso says:

    Ooh…I’ve never heard of pear on a pizza! Does that really work?

  4. Emmy says:

    Mexi – the sprinklers did come on – right at 5pm. Garbanzo’s conspiracy theory about that still holds, I guess.

    Paige – I think if ever there wasn’t a scrape on Indigo’s face, I would be surprised. Seems she gets a new one to replace the old as soon as the old heals.

    Osbasso – pears on pizza are great! This place also does a pear, blue cheese and hazelnut pizza that is fantastic too.

  5. Ok pear on a pizza? Not sure about that one.

    Faces…I can not see a face!

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