Day 198 – No Driving!


Or at least that’s what Indigo thought the sign around the pool said. We kept explaining it said “no diving” but she didn’t believe us. She got pretty damn close, and “no driving” is definitely an important rule too. I mean, you can’t have cars in the pool. Geesh!

DJ the fish.
The Sexy Garbanzo himself! And I got him smiling too. That is a rare event.

DJ No Butt flying thru the air. I had to edit it since she has a wardrobe malfunction.

Poor Indigo. She has my genetics when it comes to chlorine. Between the sneezing and the horribly red eyes, she was miserable…..or at least played miserable well. She can blame me for this. And, I will, in turn, blame my father. Like I said, genetics.

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  1. Love the photos. I feel bad for the little one and the chlorine allergies. Have her wash out her eyes with baby shampoo at the next shower if they are still irritated.

  2. Just me... says:

    Poor little red-eyed baby!! DD gets that way if she’s in it more than a few hours.. But she started wearing goggles all the time and it’s helped a bit.. Hope she’s feeling better!!

  3. garbonzo says:

    Gah! I didn’t know you were going to show that pic to the whole world! I never would have smiled!!

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